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To mizunderstood15,

Do you have any banners or promotional pictures for this comm? I would love to promote it, I was going to post a story here but I lost the first half of it, so yeah. I just kinda came across this, thought I'd join, looks like you could use some members and posts. I'll put a link to this site up on my community if you want. Let me know,

hazenst___, aka, Kris
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Fort Hamline is one of the best Army camps in the states. Here the boys live on the grounds in dorm rooms and during the day they are required to attend very physcially and mentally demanding training classes. The commanders and luitentants are strict but only to get the very best out of the boys and of course, if they step out of line! The boys are around the ages of 18 to mid-twenties

we're looking for luitentants right now & of course, the campers

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This is a Parody to Kill Hannah's 'Kennedy'

Summary: Jere's POV, his feelings about a certain person who's w/ Tony, 'cause Tony is a Lovato, & Jere's jealous 'cause Tony has who he wants.

Disclaimer: don't own any of it, except the idea to make the parody.

Title: Lovato


I Wanna Be A LovatoCollapse )

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