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Okay...this community needs some life breathed into it....

So has anyone gone/ is anyone going to see the "In A Memory" tour?  I just saw them at Southport RSL last night which was (obviously) awesome, despite the fact that I was dead tired and almost fell asleep during the support act.  (Not that they were that bad, I was just tired x_x).

Anyway, a question for anyone who was at last nights show.  While the band were setting up, there was a song playing that had some girl singing something like "Why does this feel so wrong".  Anyway, halfway through "Before They Knew", they suddenly started playing that song!  My boyfriend said that "Why does this feel so wrong" was the actual song title, but a Google search doesn't seem to support that.  Anyone know the title/artist?

Also, they seem to have added some lyrics to Crave when they play it live.  I didn't think that song could get better but it just did.


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