Teens Against Injustice

Be informed...be the change!!!

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The world we live in today has advanced in so many ways but we seem to have retreated in the way we treat our fellow human beings. Our world has become a smaller , but much meaner, angrier and violent place to live in. Nurturing a better world for those who follow us is a duty we need to be aware of.

This community is a way to expose teenagers all around the world to the injustices faced by people around the world. This is a means to talk about issues such as poverty, murder, rape, child molestation, crimes against humanity, children, women, animals, wars and whatever you think is unjust. This is moderated by teens, made to educate teens but can be joined by ANYONE interested in the topics discussed or introduced. This community is open to all types of teenagers with opinions and knowledge of these issues. Topics will be discussed fairly and with respect. You can also share personal experiences of your own (if any) if you have been in any of the above mentioned situations.