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Hi everyone.
Sorry in advance for any mistakes, ESL's here:)
A friend of mine has a 3yo daughter who has been diagnosed with alopecia. She is really depressed and asks for any moral support I can give.
I'd love to show her sytycd audition where the most gorgeous girl with alopecia danced and got a lot of praise. Unfortunately, I can't remember this girl's name to find the video.
Could you please help me with this?
joss hates

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Fox is adding a special episode of So You Think You Can Dance to its Monday night lineup on October 26, it has been announced.

The one-hour special will showcase the top 20 finalists in a non-elimination format, with the two-hour performance shows beginning the following night.

House will take a break that week to make way for Dance, but Lie To Me will air at 9pm as scheduled.

I'm really glad to hear this :) I loved the SYTYCD Australia easter special with all the top 20.