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Max and Roxanne


anyone watching? Like it?

the main reason I'm posting this is because I just watched one of this week's episodes (Duet) and none other than Season 4's Will Wingfield is one of the two dancers in it! Very unexpected. I've been following LXD for a while but had no idea he was involved.

Anyways, below is a link to the episode on Hulu:


edit: if you haven't been watching, Lil C's episode was last week and it's called "The Lettermakers". Expect to see many SYTYCD related people in these episodes as many of them have been working on the episodes.

Robert vs Philip

This has been bugging me since we first saw Philip audition this year. They mentioned about him not making it the previous season, and yet, no word on his 'dance battle' with Robert Murraine. Maybe they covered this in recent interviews, or possibly will this coming week. If not, here's the clip:

This just makes me want to see Philip more and kick ass in the choreography. He's definitely one of my early favorites.


I don't know if this has ever been posted, but I just found it on YouTube while looking up old routines. It's Travis and Ivan from Season 2 dancing together completely improv (!!!) at Denise Wall's studio.