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Cat to host SYTYCD UK

"So You Think You Can Dance has been a phenomenon in the US and I have been incredibly proud to be a part of it," said Deeley. "I cannot wait to bring this show to the UK as I know the audiences will be as wild about it as they are in the States.

"Part of the appeal has always been discovering new talent and giving gifted dancers a platform to show off their extraordinary skills - being on that journey with them makes this the best job in the world. The fact that I'm now coming home to present So You Think You Can Dance in the UK is about as good as it gets."

Lythgoe added: "When we made the decision to bring Cat on to the US version of So You Think You Can Dance, I knew she would win over our audiences because she is so beautiful and yet identifiable.

"She continues to charm the fans because her affection and concern for our dancers is so genuine and sincere; she possesses a rare quality of charm and vulnerability that is sexy and smart. I have no doubt UK audiences will feel the same."

Plans for a UK version of the talent show, which also features former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, were announced last month.
joss hates


SYTYCD is coming to the UK! Nigel will be a judge, as will Arlene Phillips (ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge, choreographer). No word on the identity of the host yet (it's being referred to as "Cat Deeley's So You Think You Can Dance" everywhere but I can't really see her coming back over again), but it will air on the BBC - auditions start October, show starts airing January.

Maybe this is why the US show has been moved to the Autumn? So Nigel can do the UK version in spring/summer without it clashing with SCD/X-Factor and then the US version in autumn? I don't know. But anyway.
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