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SYTYCD on Ovation

Hey everyone-

For anyone who's interested, and for anyone who has the channel Ovation (probably not a ton, I know it's a really random channel), they're showing reruns of Season 6 throughout this week. Stumbled upon them randomly tonight and apparently they'll also be showing 7 and 8 later in the month.

Ovation website with the schedule: http://ovationtv.com/schedules?date=2011-08-15&genre=genres&selected=29302

Finding it kind of fun to watch it right now, because Season 6 was definitely not my favorite, but I'm getting to see routines that are really great and I completely forgot about, or never even saw because I never watched results shows (it being on the fall and not really having time. Actually the more I think about it, the fact that it was on in the fall had a lot to do with why I didn't like it. And the stage. And the ridiculous lights and background) Like this one:


VERY interesting article on Watch with Kristen

So You Think You Can Dance Backstage Scoop: Which Solo Was "Horrid"?

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance we learned that while a remarkable solo can save a dancer in danger, a totally terrible solo won't necessarily get you sent home if you have already banked enough "star moments" and sex appeal in the minds of the judges.

We've got the scoop from behind the scenes at SYTYCD that reveals why a "very good" dancer went home in place of the dancer with one of the most unchoreographed and random solos in recent memory...

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I'm a Cloud...

Judge's call?

This week's results really had me thinking, maybe it would be better if the show stayed with the Judges choosing who to send home like they did for the first two weeks. Not for the whole season, but at least up until Top 10 when we vote on individual dancers rather than couples.

There have been many instances of weaker dancers skating by into the Top 10 because they were partnered with a fan-favorite, or sometimes the fan favorite is a weak dancer and holds back a good one, causing them to be in danger.

I think had it been up to the judges again like last week, the bottom two would not have been any of the dancers we had in the bottom three this week. I can also think of times in previous seasons where having the judges decide would have brought about more fair results. Again, I'm an Evan fan, but I don't think he'd have made Top 10 if it was Judges call during Top 20-12. Same with Twitch, for that matter.

A drawback I see is that a dancer with lots of potential who had a weak start in the competition could be gone before their time anyway. Courtney and Jeanine both did not have the best of weeks in the beginning and had nights that could have sent them home, and look at how far they ended up getting.

What do y'all think?

The new set and Nigel

"I'm hearing you re. the new set." - From Nigel's twitter a little while ago, forgive me if this has already been discussed.

Can anyone tell me what he means? I've been racking my brain but can't think of anything.

I know that I detest the new stage; the old one provided so many more creative avenues for the choreographers and was much more intimate with the dancers. Now, the stage is set so far back like a cavernous beast so you can't get close enough to the dancers physically. Yeah, they need to switch back, there's a reason Canada and Australia copied the exact same stage (I'm assuming they built it specifically???? Correct me if I'm wrong): it is a really good set up!