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  • iluvfnl

Charlotte Show

Ive been lurking aroud here for awhile and so i wanted to post!
Im going to the Charlotte show on Monday and so im gonna try and get as many pictures as i can and i will post them tuesday proably!!!

im jaclin by the way.


I have one extra ticket for the Tampa show next Friday night (10-23) at 730PM. The seat is section 106, row F seat 8. With Ticketmaster fees, the seat comes to about $65. If anyone really wants to go, I can meet you before the show. I live in the Orlando area and would be happy to get the ticket to you any time between now and then or in Tampa at the show.

I don't want to mail this in case it gets lost.
  • jkpolk

Connecticut tour pics

OK, this is the last of my posts like this until like November, promise. :)

Here are my pics from the CT show:


Pics are only from the second half of the show because the venue made announcement about no photography instead of no flash photography like usual, and I'm an obedient little scamp. I only started taking some once my friend who got yelled at by security for taking video told me they said they didn't care about pics. *shrug*

Enjoy! And thanks for all the great feedback on my prior efforts. It's been a blast. Just one more show for me, and it's over a month away.
  • jkpolk

Manchester, NH tour photos

Hallo! I just finally got done editing my pictures from last night's first show of the tour. I have a hard time doing it half-way, so I still have yet to sleep from yesterday. :)

Hope you enjoy...I just ask that you don't remove my watermark. If you use it to make icons or banners or whatever and the watermark is a casualty, please credit however convenient.

Now to gear up again for Boston tomorrow! :)