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"Brandon! Get over here! Come here! Heeeeey!"

I have noticed that many people from ohnotheydidnt don't like Kayla. I don't know if it's the same here, but I don't understand why people don't like her. I think she's one of the most gifted and beautiful dancers I've ever seen in my life. I love her girly personality and I think she's incredibly cute. I could never tire of watching videos of her.
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Manchester, NH tour photos

Hallo! I just finally got done editing my pictures from last night's first show of the tour. I have a hard time doing it half-way, so I still have yet to sleep from yesterday. :)

Hope you enjoy...I just ask that you don't remove my watermark. If you use it to make icons or banners or whatever and the watermark is a casualty, please credit however convenient.

Now to gear up again for Boston tomorrow! :)