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Hey guys - I wasn't sure if this was allowed but I was wondering if you could help me out. I run a fansite for Aliona Vilani and I have found that she was on US SYTYCD4 , however I'm not sure how far she got  - I know she got through the LA auditions but after that I don't know

She was with her professional partner Leonid Proskurov and could have gone by that surname or by the surname Vetrenko

I have a video of the LA audition but if anyone has footage of her in any later stages that she may have gone through i'd be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction ;)

There doesn't seem to be that much information which suggests to me that she didn't get much further than the Vegas (if that is where they went after the LA audition) but like  I said, any help would be gladly received!! 

Thank you!


Ale Alejandro, Ale Alejandrooo ♪

I haven't seen all of the Alejandro lives (I'm not that bored), but I presuuume Mark (Kanemura, of S4) is in all of them (since he also tours with her), so I suppose it's unsurprising he's in the Alejandro music video, which was just released yesterday. (p.s. It's Gaga. Beware of dancing in underwear, homoerotic floor humping, and softcore porn grinding.) It's another one of her longass videos, so get some popcorn ready. The dancing comes and goes after 2:37. At 4:11, you see him quiiite clearly (damn that stupid haircut) to her left.

I can't remember if, when the Alejandro video from AI was posted here, it was mentioned that there were other former SYTYCD boys in the dances. I'm biased and only saw Mark. S-Sorry.

.. Also would just like to mention, Mark has forever ruined (by which I mean, improved) "Bum Like You" by Robyn (he solo'd to this during his season), and I think of him every time it comes on. ("Cobrastyle" also is ruined for me.) I FEEL LIKE I'M THE ONLY ONEEE

Robert vs Philip - "Stronger"

(It was impossible to get a better pic than this)

Despite how I hate Kayne stealing Daft Punk's "Stronger" song, I couldn't get Kayne's version out of my head. So I downloaded it and, at over five minutes, it sucked.

So, similar to what I did for "Bleeding Love", "No Air", and "Way I Are", I've edited the song down to match how it played on SYTYCD, cutting it to 2:43.

Download the song here. Unlike my previous SYTYCD cuts, I required no audio from the show (thus, no audience sounds!) as they added nothing (though the show did bleep out 'blonde dyke' which amused me). The song was surprisingly easy to edit.

I didn't make a video of my song matched to the show as I'm feeling lazy. Look up the original video on youtube if you want to.
Viola Davis - OSCAR

Icon Mania [ Top 10 ]

Sorry I was a bit late, but just in time before tonight's show. Anyways...


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