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Robert vs Philip - "Stronger"

(It was impossible to get a better pic than this)

Despite how I hate Kayne stealing Daft Punk's "Stronger" song, I couldn't get Kayne's version out of my head. So I downloaded it and, at over five minutes, it sucked.

So, similar to what I did for "Bleeding Love", "No Air", and "Way I Are", I've edited the song down to match how it played on SYTYCD, cutting it to 2:43.

Download the song here. Unlike my previous SYTYCD cuts, I required no audio from the show (thus, no audience sounds!) as they added nothing (though the show did bleep out 'blonde dyke' which amused me). The song was surprisingly easy to edit.

I didn't make a video of my song matched to the show as I'm feeling lazy. Look up the original video on youtube if you want to.