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Hi everyone.
Sorry in advance for any mistakes, ESL's here:)
A friend of mine has a 3yo daughter who has been diagnosed with alopecia. She is really depressed and asks for any moral support I can give.
I'd love to show her sytycd audition where the most gorgeous girl with alopecia danced and got a lot of praise. Unfortunately, I can't remember this girl's name to find the video.
Could you please help me with this?
right back atcha

Guest Judges

I know, I know, two posts in one day. I'm going crazy.

But I want to know your thoughts on the guest judges this season or any other. Who was the best, who was the worst? From Gaga to Debbie Reynolds, what are your thoughts?

Edit: I may or may not have started this discussion in order to fangirl over my new love of Christina Applegate.

Dance Styles this season

Can anyone, with a fantastic memory, recall all the styles the different dancers have been given. I know I've heard the complaint that Melanie hasn't really been challenged before and I was surprised Nigel brought it up last night, I haven't noticed but I'd really like to know if that's true. Especially given that it will probably be a show-down between her and Sasha and Sasha got "whacking" last night.

Also, I'm just curious to find out what all the dancers have danced because I've heard the comment that the dance styles have been repetitive this season as well.

Leverage: ParkerWink


Hey guys - I wasn't sure if this was allowed but I was wondering if you could help me out. I run a fansite for Aliona Vilani and I have found that she was on US SYTYCD4 , however I'm not sure how far she got  - I know she got through the LA auditions but after that I don't know

She was with her professional partner Leonid Proskurov and could have gone by that surname or by the surname Vetrenko

I have a video of the LA audition but if anyone has footage of her in any later stages that she may have gone through i'd be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction ;)

There doesn't seem to be that much information which suggests to me that she didn't get much further than the Vegas (if that is where they went after the LA audition) but like  I said, any help would be gladly received!! 

Thank you!