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[Hello Kitty] Queen Of Pink

MUSIC POST #10 (top 12 results show)


Each week I'll post a list of the songs used for each performance, and I'll create a comment thread for each song. If you have that song, please upload it (using sendspace, yousendit, mediashare, etc) and reply to the appropriate comment with your link. If you can donate songs, please do! Some people cannot download from certain sites, so a variety would be nice. (translation: if you see 3 yousendit links for one song already, try sendspace!)

If you have a miscellaneous comment, please reply to the 'Miscellaneous' comment thread, in order to keep comments neat and organized! (This is very important! I am a virgo, and organization is VITAL!)

*Please keep in mind that this is NOT a discussion post! It is simply for the sharing of the wonderful music on So You Think You Can Dance
*Also, usually, thanks are great, but in order to keep these posts clean, just download the track and send a mental muffin basket to whomever uploaded the song!

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