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I'm bored. So let's play a game!

Step 1: write out 12 random sytycd dancers, judges or choreographers - each assigned a number. For example, mine is:

1. Dmitry (s2)
2. Neil (s3)
3. Sara V (s3)
4. Evan (s5)
5. Benji (s2)
6. Heidi (s2)
7. Ivan (s2)
8. Nigel
9. Cat
10. Pasha (s3)
11. Susie (s4)
12. Donyelle (s2)

They don't need to be your favorites. Just pick the first 12 that hit your brain.
Done? Good. Let's continue.

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SYTYCD meets glee

I know that a LOT of people on here are also fans of Glee, sooo I thought you might find this interesting.

Back in season 2, Heather Morris auditioned for SYTYCD! She now plays Brittany (the blonde cheerio glee club member who isn't Quinn) on Glee.

Here's her getting her sytycd results:

And here's a snippet of her dancing on Glee:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yjBMlqPnZE (sorry, I can't find a good embed-able version)
joss hates

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Did anyone else think the music during the top 20 performance show was a bit weird in places? In a couple of the routines the cuts seemed really abrupt and strange.

I'm not articulating it very well. Anyone know what I'm on about?

Pessimism and You


Hello everyone.

Um, can someone assure me that I'm not the only one who's really, really pessimistic about this season? I mean, 15 minutes in I found myself going "I wish House was on." Then I realized what I said, and wept.

I'd list reasons, but I don't want to be slaughtered for trying to explain myself. :<
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