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SYTYCDers helping Japan!

Just wanted to let you guys know about an awesome comm, japan_calls.

There will be an online auction taking place in about a week, where fans will be able to bid for the chance to receive personalized voice messages (possibly YouTube vids) from their favorite celebrities! The money raised will all go to charities aiding the relief effort in Japan. And the lovely Melinda Sullivan (S7) has agreed to participate!

Click on the comm link and scroll down to see the long and still growing list of names. We have dancers, musicians, athletes, reality stars, directors, and actors (even an Oscar nominee!). Bidding should be starting in about a week. Please check out the comm, spread the word, bid, and help us help Japan!

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Donyelle teaches here and if you haven't checked it out there are some pics of her :)

Anyone who has wondered about Melody and Craig, they are with Evolution as are Travis and Mallauri (the last girl eliminated before the final group). I think Nick is or was part of Evolution as well.