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Lacey Schwimmer choreographing for SYTYCD CA

Lacey posted this on her twitter late last night,

"I will NOT be on Dwts this season, but I will be choreographing for sytycd Canada!!!!"

I don't follow Lacey on twitter but I saw this news posted on the TWoP forums. Ugh. I hoped I'd never have to see her on this show again. I'm surprised the show still wants to be affiliated with her after the way she trashed season 5 on her twitter. I hoped they'd break ties with her after that

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Lacey's New Blog: drama that was not needed is FINALLY over...

Monday, December 03, 2007


Current mood: content

now tour is over i get to have my knee injury, see my family in which ive missed soooo much....and the drama that was not needed is FINALLY over.

the note for december....

dont let people get to you or try to force you into doing something your not willing to do.
NEVER FIGHT anyone. be happy for what you have and keep to yourself if the time comes with conflict.

thank you and goodnight.


if theres anything ive learned during tour, its to be stronger to yourself and what you belive in, dont try to be like the rest and dont try to hog the spotlight, be you and surround yourself in love. life will seem brighter if you do.


More tour "drama": Dominic & Hok hate Neil & Danny

Dominic, Hok & Lacey drew this creepy picture of Neil & Danny, and Lacey posted it on her Myspace:

Neil & Danny are covered in shit and piss and both sucking on a big cock.

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Update from TWoP: "The “drawing” was the work of Dom and Dom alone. Hok was there and did nothing to stop it. He even allowed his name and Lacey’s to be put on that monstrosity. Very poor judgment on the part of Lacey and Hok. Does Hok hate Neil and Danny? I don’t think “hate” is the correct word but since the week Jesus was eliminated and Danny and Neil stayed, Dom has had hard feelings (no pun intended) for Neil and Danny. Dom made it clear that Jesus should have stayed and one of them should have been eliminated. The producers and Nigel have seen the drawing and they are definitely not happy."

Source: TWoP forum