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Geeks, Tahitian, Military Dance, Telephone, Amy Amy Amy,
Outta Your Mind, Hallelujah, LoFro Montage


Hey guys this is the first part of the request! I will get to the rest soon. :)
Please comment if you like or take anything.
Escpecially if you requested it.
Thanks so much!

( it's a cold & its a broken hallelujah... )

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Want SYTYCD icons?
your in the right place.

I've made a pretty big batch of sytycd items of just random moment/dance throught season 7 that I am going to post soon but, I wanted to know if guys have any specific dances, moments, pictures etc.  that you guys want me to make. Leave a request and I can almost guarentee I can make it.

If you want a specific moment in a dance but  a screencap isn't availible, I can cap it for you to make an icon.

Check out some of my work
here. Can't wait to hear from you guys!

(p.s. If you want dances from a past season that cool too. I'm thinking of doing a post for each of the past seasons.

ETA : Here are the request so far.

Season Three
Neil icons

Season Four
Chelsie & Gev - These Arms of Mine - Contemporary

Season Five
Kayla & Kupono - Gravity - Contemporary (Jakob Split)
Season Six
Jakob & Kathryn
Jakob & Ellenore - Tore My Heart

Season Seven
1.Billy Bell. Nuff  Said.
2.Alex & Allison's Hallelujah - Contemporary
3.Courtney & Kent - Amy Amy Amy - Jazz (Courtney specifically)
4.Robert & Kathryn
5.Lauren & Mark - Tahitian (Mark specifically)

6.Billy & Ade - Mad World - Ade (billy!face, extention)
7.Billy - To Bulid a Home - Solo
9.Kent & Allison - Perfect Couple - Contemporary (floor dive/foot grab)
10.Kent & Lauren - Geeks - Jazz
11.Twitch & Ellen - Outta You Mind - Hip Hop
13.Twitch & Alex - Outtta Your Mind - Hip Hop
14.DJ Smart
15.Robert & Allison's - Fix You - Contemporary
16.Billy's extension in "Mad World"
17.Robert & Lauren - Pillow Dance - Contemporary
18.Kent & Neil's - How It Ends -Contemporary
19.Cat being affectionate and adorable with contestants
20.Robert & Kathryn - Army Dance - Contemporary (Kathryn grabing her uniform and bag)

Strikeout doen't neccissarily mean I posted them yet, just that I made them. :) 
All He Wants To Do Is Dance [JG] [SYTYCD

icon request

Hi :3 I just joined, and I'm not sure if this is allowed, so mods, feel free to delete, but I was wondering if any either knows where I can find, or would be willing to make, some Jason Glover (from Season Five) icons? I'm looking for icons of him outside of the show, mainly, but on-show icons are great, too. <3

I looked through the memories, but didn't see anything. I'll try the actual tag for icons now; I didn't notice it before I originally posted. I'd still love some feedback, please <3

Thank you :)
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top 20 spoilers with pictures

Spoilers abound but I have trouble remembering names and this frustrates me. Assumming I'm not the only one with this problem, I've made icon-sized face prints of each of the contestants that supposedly made the cut, with a few exceptions where I couldn't find pictures or videos with good face shots. I tried to get everyone smiling but for some it was difficult to find good shots. :)

Enjoy if you do not care about spoilers.

Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Doctor Who // Donna


[1-4] WALL*E
[5-27] Doctor Who (Donna Noble)
[28-35] A Very Potter Musical
[36-59] Harry Potter (largely Remus Lupin, with quotes)
[60-88] Stargate Atlantis
[89-130] SYTYCD Season 5 (Finale, Kaypono, Evandi, Jason/Jeanine, Brendan/Janette)

HERE @ melodic_icons
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122 icons

Post Includes:
Skins + Cast, Roswell, Make It Or Break It, 10 Things I Hate About You, So You Think You Can Dance S5, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Alice in Wonderland, Greek Cast, Amanda Seyfried, Emily Browning, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

+ more here @ just_delicious. Post will be locked in a weeks time.
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Icon Post 16 [47]

- audrey kitching [12]
- saturday night live [17]
- wade robson [18]

*all textures/brushes are not by me
*credit me (mcghengland_xx) if taking/using
*comment if you plan to take any of these icons
*blank icons are not bases



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