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the_lxd: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers comm

The LXD is a Hulu series featuring choreographer Chris Scott, Twitch, and various other dancers you'll recognize from SYTYCD, as well as dancers who've appeared on ABDC and AGT. There's some amazing dancing, dance battles, and choreography involved.

The third season starts on August 11th, so it's a good time to come join the_lxd, your new source for everything LXD-related on livejournal!
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SYTYCDers helping Japan!

Just wanted to let you guys know about an awesome comm, japan_calls.

There will be an online auction taking place in about a week, where fans will be able to bid for the chance to receive personalized voice messages (possibly YouTube vids) from their favorite celebrities! The money raised will all go to charities aiding the relief effort in Japan. And the lovely Melinda Sullivan (S7) has agreed to participate!

Click on the comm link and scroll down to see the long and still growing list of names. We have dancers, musicians, athletes, reality stars, directors, and actors (even an Oscar nominee!). Bidding should be starting in about a week. Please check out the comm, spread the word, bid, and help us help Japan!

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Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music. ~George Bernard Shaw

click the pic.
Welcome to Dance Vids Daily! I have been dancing and watching dance for so long I cannot remember a time where dance wasn't in my life. Dance is such a passion for me and i love shring it with people.

That is why I am so glad that there are show out ther like SYTYCD that enable us to meet other people through it. I have met so many awesome people on _sytycd_ and love to discuss dances, or chat, or do whatever with them. but I have always wanted a way to discuss more than JUST sytycd. And thats why I created 
[info]dancevids_daily !

So each day I am going to be posting a dance video from youtube along with the song, choreographer, and notable dancers. I hope that you can all enjoy this and come by every day to discuss. Enjoy!

Mods I will take this down if not allowed.

SYTYCD, Canadian style

Hooray for the results (even if they weren't who I wanted, but it never is, my god), but while I take a second to breathe, I have an announcement.


Season 3 starts this Sunday, August 15 at 9pm EST, kicking off with a 2-hour premiere of the auditions in Toronto. Audition episodes will continue until the 18th, and the Top 20 will be revealed on the 22nd. To any of you Canadians who're looking for a place to discuss the episodes, we hold discussion posts for both EST and PST, but last year was somewhat quiet, so we're crossing our fingers that more of you come out this season!