so I stayed in the darkness with you (nodawnnoday) wrote in _sytycd_,
so I stayed in the darkness with you

I'm talking to you, but you're not listening. I don't know what so do, my heart is blistering.

Tags: courtney galiano, lauren gottlieb, mark kanemura, photos

  • Photos from the Tour (San Jose)

    Photos taken at the San Jose (10/30) stop of the SYTYCD Tour. Previews:

  • Mark in "Born This Way" video

    Ever since Mark first started up as one of Gaga's dancers, I always keep my eyes peeled for him in her videos and performances. Once you get past…

  • A Mark Kanemura sighting!

    I was watching the new Glee episode tonight (it's dedicated to Britney Spears), and when they were performing "Me Against The Music," Mark was…

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