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This Is Relevant To Our Interests

Janet Jackson has released her latest video, and it features Mark Kanemura from season 4 of the US show, and Nico Archambault and Natalli Reznik from season 1 of SYTYCD Canada (Nico was the winner). And apparently they will all be part of Janet's performance at the American Music Awards tomorrow night (Sunday 11/22) on ABC. Check out the video behind the cut! Mark is on the left in a hoodie and sunglasses, Natalli is the blond wearing a hoodie, and Nico is on the right with the shaved head.

Oh! And speaking of the AMAs, for those who aren't aware, Courtney Galliano (also from season 4) is one of the dancers for Adam Lambert's performance, which will be closing the show. You can see a bit of her in this video of dress rehearsal, and this one of the auditions.

So great to see our SYTYCD alumni doing so well!
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