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I kept notes as I was watching:

-From the opening introductions: Katee looks like Amy Winehouse junior with that pseudo beehive. It's not a good look for her. I am, however, loving having Mark with a bit of a mohawk.

-This IV Real is getting lame, for real.

- I love Cat's dress. I can't believe she's the best dressed person there tonight. Now that the cameras pull out, it is too short. But for close ups, it looks great. And it would be perfect on me since I'm about 8-9 inches shorter than her.

-Will and Courtney's samba seems a little off to me and I can't say why

-I can't believe that Comfort went to a performing arts high school and took ballet and jazz. Then why can't she point her feet when doing contemporary?

-Damn! Twtich and Katee means Mark will be paired with Comfort.

-Twitch is lucky that Mia gave him this choreogrpahy. He didn't have many comtemporary moves and it covered over his weaknesses, but in a much better camoflaged way than Cedric/Shauna.

-I wanted to see Will do that entire song for his solo. That was so entertaining and showed his versatility.

-Oh good. Mark and Comfort got hip-hop. She will be great and won't screw him up like Kherington.

-Mark really kept up with her. Hopefully he'll be safe this week.

-That note was great. I wonder if it was Mark's idea.

-Nigel was spot on that Comfort does fabulous with choreography but can't bring those kinds of moves to her solos.


-Watching Chelsie and Joshua argue is boring - Dimitry take your shirt off and save this segment.

-This was the best tango we've seen this season. Everyone seems to either have or fake great chemistry with Joshua. For a hip-hop guy this was a huge improvement over Twitch's tango.

-What the hell is Mark wearing? He wore that same two shirted look last week for elimination night. We may have established that MArk is straight since he doesn't to be able to dress himself.

-I love Mark and want him to win it all, but I'm not loving this solo at all.

-I love the idea of lyrical hip-hop and I like the routine. I can't figure out why Courtney is mouring her dead husband wearing a bustier, a feathered hat and a diamond necklace. I'm sure most widows dress like that all the time to look at photo albums.

-Chelsie's solo seemed better last week. So did Katee's. Only Will gave us something new.

-Personally I thought the broadway was average. I blame Tyce. Nigel and Mary gushed. I felt like I'd seen every thing in that routine before.

-Joshua gave us new stuff in his solo! I'm not sure if Courtney did because I can never remember her solos from week to week (which I guess doesn't say much for them in my opinion.) Twtich's solo was terrible. Between wearing the same T-shirt as last week, doing that annoying IV Real sign, and high fiving people, there wasn't much there.

-Please Comfort, don't drag Mark down.

-Mark is definitely out-dancing her in the foxtrot. I would love to have seen Mark and Chelsie do this routine.

-Hopefully voters can still see Mark's effort. But I think that like last week when Kherington fought him for control, my Mark is going to be in the bottom 2. I just hope he is not going home.

-Chelsie was fabulous is that disco routine. Those lifts were the best I've ever seen. If Mark can't win, I haven't figured out if I want Chelsie or Will to win.
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