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Unverified backstory re: Lacey vs. Lauren

A poster on the FOX boards (NorfolkJK) claims to be a friend of two Season 2 dancers, and has this to share regarding what happened on saturday before the Lexington show. Even better news? It is completely readable.

This animosity between Lauren and Lacey has been going on since the beginning of the show but it really started to brew the week that Anya was voted off and Lauren got to stay. Lacey, Hok, and Pasha were all very disappointed that Anya had to leave and word got back to Lauren that they had been talking about her.

Lauren wanted so badly to win and she thought it was unfair that Lacey got so many dances in her own style. Lacey overheard Lauren and Shauna talking about her and saying that she (Lacey) was the judges favorite. When Mary made the comment that she could tell the wind was blowing Lacey toward the Finale it really hurt Lauren’s feelings and contributed toward the hostility they have for each other.

Another thing that contributed to this on-going feud is that Neil never cared much for Lauren as a partner. He didn’t hate her but he did find her a bit overbearing and he told Kameron that he would gladly trade him partners. Of course, that got back to Lauren and again her feelings were hurt.

The week Lauren was voted off she was very distraught. She felt like some of the judges comments had hurt her – like her not dancing to her full potential - and that Lacey was being favored, which led to some very bitter feelings on her part.

When the tour started things went well at first and then little cliques started to form. Sabra read that Lacey said she wanted Danny to win and so she gravitated toward Lauren. Shauna and Lauren also got closer when the tour was underway.

Both girls were jealous of the friendship the other one had with Danny. Danny is close to both of them and hated being stuck in the middle when first Lauren and then Lacey would run to him with their problems.

Sara doesn’t want to get involved in the feud but she is closer to Lauren than Lacey. However, she told them both they need to grow up and quit bickering before they ruin the tour for everyone.

When Lacey had to leave the tour because of her knee problems Lauren was ecstatic and thought she would get to dance all of Lacey’s routines which didn’t happen. But she was put in the Final Four number and that did not make Lacey happy at all.

When Lacey came back things really went downhill when Lauren told her that no one missed her and also told Lacey that Hok was trying to go out with Shauna. Then she said “just kidding” but of course, the damage was done and Lacey was angry and didn’t know whether Lauren was telling the truth about Hok or just trying to hurt her.

The altercation in Lexington, Ky. really upset a lot of the dancers. Lauren wanted to talk things out with Lacey and tell her that she felt she had been favored throughout the show and that she – Lacey – had really hurt Sabra’s feeling when she said she wanted Danny to win. But Lacey did not want to talk to Lauren. She had seen Lauren making fun of her by limping and had heard Lauren and Shauna make fun of her hair.

So Lauren grabbed Lacey and pushed her up against the wall. When Lacey went to the bus Shauna and Sabra were there but they were so shocked they didn’t know what to do. Lauren called Lacey a "wh___" and said some really ugly things. Sara got between the two of them and told them both to stop acting like spoiled brats.

Anya and Pasha are very, very upset by this behavior and have made no secret of the fact that they can’t wait until the tour is over. Jaimie is friends with both Lauren and Lacey but she is closer to Lacey. Danny is trying to remain friends with both girls but it’s difficult. Jesus and Dominic tried talking to both girls but got nowhere. Kameron and Neil are staying out of it.

All of the dancers have now reached the point where they can’t wait for the tour to be over. They are exhausted and they are emotionally drained and this situation with L and L just makes it that much tougher for them.

Source: TWoP Forums
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