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Girl Fight: Lacey Schwimmer VS Lauren Gottlieb

Lacey sent out this Myspace bulletin:

Date: 12 Nov 2007 13:05
Body: you should read to understand about L...oh my G



Lacey's Myspace blog...

Monday, November 12, 2007

even tho war has took its part....i know i have you...

Current mood: angry

so to sum things up for you i need to send an apology to those wo went to the lexington kentucky show.....i was not myself that evening due to this...in which i know you will all understand.

here it goes!

a few days ago in kentucky, wait lets bring this back.....to the tv show.... i had some problems with one of the girls on the show due to high school drama in which i decided to ignore and let happen.
so during the show would hear the comments comming from the hall the laughter comming from her room, their room. and let it happen because i dont like to get in arguments or yell and scream. so as i wittnessed bad behaivor happen i took a deep breath and ignored my surroundings focusing on you, my friends, my family.
so needless to say the entire duration of the show was not the happiest behind the scenes but all i had dreamed of on camera.
when the show was over i figured the drama would stop people would relax and get out of the competition mode... i guess i was wrong...things continued to drop with this person.

which leads me to a few days ago.

im sitting on a couch with hok and in walks the girl....an hok leaves for a meeting so i quietly pack up my stuff to avoid akward conversation. as im exiting the room she asks if we can talk....for the first time ever. i replied with a calm ,"i do not not to talk to you." she laughs and says "we need to talk" i said "just becasue u had a meeting with the producr you now need to talk to me? i do not want to talk with you." as calm as i could. i then continued to walk through the door when suddenyl she yells while grabbing my arm. i then remove my arm from her strong hands to try and leave without conflict. she then procede to grab my shoulders and push me up against the wall. i then ask her calmly to remove her hands and let go of me then she say" grow the f**k up " i continue to ask her to remove her hands as she shakes me against the wall cussing at me tell me how immature i am . i then decide to shut up and stare at her to let her no im not fighting back. she thens asks" what is wrong with you why are you staring at me." i once again asked her if she would remove her hands before it gets out of hand" then she relpies "NO we are gunna talk" i raised my voice and said " i have nothing to say to you!" she then tried to closed the door while holding me to the wall...luckily the door was locked which gave me a chace to leave the room. in which she runs to get the producer to force me to talk to her. i run to the busses to grab my laptop and headphones to calm down. as im exiting the bus...shaking and crying. she walks in and pushes me to the couch and is yeling cussing and making fun of me..mocking me if you will. i sit up an try to walk out when she grabs me i said..."if you hit me i will PUNCH you" then one of the girls steps in and pushes her off me. i then go back to breathing and not talking as she continues to mock and yell. then 2 dancers walk on the bus and dont do anything.so finally to get away i call my mother on the phone to tell her THIS GIRL is cornering me in the bus so i wont get out. she starts yelling while im on the phone with my mom
security finally escorts me to a secured rom where hok enters as im crying and tryng to calm down then the producer walks in ...then BAM i get an anxiety attack...i bolt out the door trying to get a paperbag to control my breathing then they start chasing me s i run to some plae and i found a bathroom where i sat in the corner of the stall hoping nobody would find me trying to breath and calm down to call my family.
i finaly knew i could be calm and go on with the day after few phones calls from my parents in which they were hung up on and ignored.... so i figure this is a job and i have to deliver so i go to stage for rehersal....do the show...not talking to anyone because everyone thinks im just quiet for no reason...becasue SHE told a story in which i got mad about her wanting to talk to me.
after the show i figured maybe the produce would come up and speak with me maybe a dancer? everyone with the exception of a few people...just went along. which leads me to today.im apologizing to you guys in lexington if i wasnt myself.

being thrown round is a weird especially if you have never had that happen before.

its funy how tv can make certain people look a certain way... but in reality they are monsters.
just letting you guys know and im sorry!

big love

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Source: http://www.myspace.com/laceytheeuromut

ETA: Lacey's mother, Laurie Kauffman, wrote a response to Lacey's blog in the comments section:

hi birdie!
it was very brave of you to let everyone know that you were being physically abused by one of the girls on tour with you...it is not an easy thing to do. i know who this girl is.....lets just say she has a name that starts with the same letter as my name.....she was horrible to you during the tv show and now she has gotten so out of hand that i would consider her dangerous! she was inappropriate, unprofessional.....but most of all.....no consideration to your physical challanges with your knee.....pushing, pulling and grabbing you all could have made your injuries so much worse! she belongs in a cage....because she has turned into some kind of evil animal!!! the producers of tour did hang up on me, and did not reassure me that you would be safe....they actually told me that girls will be girls!!! can you believe that!!! that is not how i raised you, that a girl gets physical with another girl when you are mad at someone! i love you birdie and i stand by you during this horrific experience that you had to endure.....this girl should be taken out of tour for her animal-like behavior.....no one, and i mean no one, should be touched by anyone in life.....this is the kind of thing that a lawsuit can be started......if this girl continues this behavior, we will get a restraining order against her and have her arrested!!! this is something that is not taken lightly by me and your family....your safety is our responsibility since the tour director will not assure us that you will be safe from this disgusting girl!

lacey you continue to amaze me with your strength....
love you,

ETA2: Laurie Kauffman wrote a new blog about the bullying. She also named Lauren as the girl who abused Lacey:

Monday, November 12, 2007

How far is too far?
Current mood: angry
Category: disgusted Life

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hello friends and family!

i received a call from lacey on saturday that was so disturbing that i really couldnt believe what she was telling me. through tears and crying, lacey told me about lauren physically abusing her and that she was frightened because 2 people saw lauren abusing lacey and walked by as if nothing was going on! not too add to the already fragile injury that lacey has with her knee, it was almost too much for me to bear as her mother! i couldnt physically protect lacey! so i calmed lacey down and then called a girl named ashley, who is suppose to be in charge of all the dancers! when she answered the phone, i thought i was talking to a 12 year old! i asked her how old she was, and she told me that she didnt want to reveal that to me, which meant she was very young! later on i found out that she is 19! a 19 year old is in charge of all the dancers on tour??!! youve got to be kidding me! after talking to her for about 5 minutes, she said that she had to go a try and fix the issue....i asked her if she would call me back when it was resolved....she told me that i could call her back!!! so then, i called jeff thacker....he is one of the producers on sytycd, and the tour really is his responsibility......he kept trying to make light of what had happened.....telling me that....and i quote...."girls will be girls!" well i will tell you, i didnt raise my daughter to treat people like lauren did to her....in fact, the way that lacey handled the situation is the way that i raised her....to be a lady! then jeff said i dont have to deal with you or this and hung up the phone!! hanging up on anyone is such a cowardly action....this then led me to believe that jeff would do nothing about this! he never reassured me that laceys safety was important and that i need not worry about lauren doing anything else to my daughter.....he did not even attempt to talk to lauren, he said that it would just make matters worse! really??!! are you kidding me!!! i realized that jeff thacker had no problem solving skills and was embarrassed by getting caught.....thus, hanging up!!! so, my whole family went to extremes to help lacey feel strong enough to go on! we got a lawyer, who is ready to take any legal action against lauren if she gets anywhere close to lacey.....we also have been informed that legally we can get a restraining order against lauren.....we have no problem or hesitation in doing what is necessary to protect lacey. i wasnt going to write anything about this horrific episode, but i had so many of you writing me and having concerns for laceys safety that i thought i would let everyone know exactly what happened! i am not doing this out of spite or anger, only to inform everyone. please keep lacey in your thoughts and prayers....tour should be a great memory and experience for all the dancers....how dare lauren try and take that away from lacey! our family is onto lauren, and will stop at nothing to protect our lacey! thank you all so much for all of your concerns....you have all been so supportive to lacey since the beginning of sytycd.....i never revealed any of this mistreatment that lacey was enduring during sytycd by lauren, we felt it would be better if we just dealt with it quietly, but not now! physical abuse is physical abuse.....and will not be tolerated by my family!!! lacey is such a wonderful young lady....she has made great friends with most of the dancers on the show....but lauren has never been one, and lacey has never wanted anything to do with lauren!!! neither does our family!

take care,

laurie kauffman

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ETA3: Lauren's response to a fan ("voteblake31" from Idol Forums) during an intermission at tonight's tour show:

Okay. i just talked to lauren for a quick sec. I know i'm not supposed to broadcast everything but i figured this was important.

Me: i'm not sure what you know about whats going on right now. but if you do. like i've said; lauren you make me happy to be alive. you make me happy to dance. you've inspired me so much, and so many others. we'll always have your back. so, do you know whats happening? if you don't wanna talk thats fine, but i just really wanna show my support as much as possible.

Lauren: Thanks hunni! I just found out what's goin on. Kinda sick right!

Me: omggg. heart.gif your so welcome. so like what actually happened? i have your back 100%. i'm so sorry you have to go through this

Lauren: I haven't read it yet.....but don't worry ill fix everything. She has completely ruined her relationship with the whole cast
Lauren: Aaaaahhh gotta go do lion king

Me: omg, lauren. you are amazing. keep your head high love. GO DANCE YOUR HEART OUT
-I'm not going to do that anymore. I'll just tell you when i find out more. I just thought i'd let you know what her view point is as of now. I bet she'll talk to me later.-

ETA4: Laurie Kauffman's newest Myspace blog

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Your support as always is amazing!
Current mood: peaceful
Category: Life

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hello dear family and friends!

yesterday i wrote my blog explaining the horrible situation that lacey had to endure....and as always, all of you came through with such love and support for lacey! lacey was in tears today after hearing about all of the wonderful messages that all of you had left! lacey asked me to remove my blog because she wants to move forward.....that is why it is no longer here. i read each one of the beautiful messages....most of them had me in tears.....thank you, thank you so much for all of your comforting words.....it has been a couple of really bad days for lacey and for our entire family.....your words helped ease the situation. i know that ive said this before, but lacey has the best fans in the whole world! because of all of you, lacey can now move forward and finish the rest of the tour....she wanted me to tell all of you how much she loves you and cant begin to ever repay you for your love and kindness....she will be indebted to you always.....as will i.


laurie kauffman

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