August 7th, 2017

dr who

Allison ( Audrey ) and...

(I was hopeful for Zachary, but not at all surprised that she selected Logan)

[Allison hurt her shoulders in practice so was subbed]

Style Contemporary
by Tyce Diorio
Song Protocol
by Leon Else

nice 'drag drag drag move across the floor
definitely very stylized and intense

some very interesting moves by tyce in this piece... holding themselves or each other in very unique places
dr who

Jenna and....


Style chacha
by dmitri chaplin
Song theres nothing holding me back
by shawn mendes

per usual jenna is 'sexy'.

i like him as a dancer although i felt he stutterd a a few of the steps on this piece.... all and all nice job.
dr who

Cyrus and...


[Spoiler 2]Style contemporary
by tessandra chavez
Song crown
by emeli sande

i just love kaley... she's one of my favs i admit it.

great song and i think they did a loavely job...

i think cyrus did a nice job... i think she rocked it...

she reminds me of Pink in how she presents herelf... strong and self aware...
dr who

gaby and ...


Style tap
by anthony morigerato
Song more
by bobby darin

doing a clssic tap dance... very classic... hollywood
i tihnk he held his own although i think he was stiffer in his core than her. i do love his glide movements ...

those shared side leaps were cool