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Personal Links


Mary Murphy’s myspace
Mary’s Official site
Shane Sparks myspace
Shane Sparks fan page at myspace
Mia Michaels Official site
Brian Friedman’s Official site
Dan Karaty’s Official site
Alex da Silva’s Official site
Ron Montez

Season One Dancers

Nick Lazzarini’s myspace
Nick’s Official site
Blake McGrath’s myspace
Blake’s Official site
Snejana 'Snow' Urbin’s myspace
Snow’s Official site
Melody Lacayanga’s myspace
Ryan Conferido’s myspace
Jamile McGee's myspace
Sandra Colton’s myspace
Sandra’s Official site
Artem Chigvinsev's myspace
Allan Frias' myspace
Jonathan (Jonnis) Tannis' myspace
Kamilah Barrett's myspace
Destini Roger's myspace
Michelle Brooke's myspace

Artem Chigvinsev is an Independent Instructor at Champion Ballroom Academy which is owned by Mary Murphy!

Allan Frias is teaching at Dance Mission Theater.

Season Two Dancers

Travis Wall's myspace
Ivan Koumaev's myspace
myspace dedicated to Benji Schwimmer
Hok's myspace
Musa Cooper's myspace
Allison Holker's myspace
Jaymz Tuaileva's myspace
Natalie Fotopoulos fanspace
Donyelle Jones fanspace
Erin Ellis' myspace [no current pics up so I'm going by a link someone gave me]
Joy Spears' myspace

Season Three Dancers

Lacey Schwimmer fanspace
Kameron Bink myspace
Hok Konishi myspace
Faina Savich myspace
Jimmy Arguello myspace
Dominic Sandoval myspace
Jaimie Goodwin myspace
Jessi Peralta fanspace
Lauren Gottlieb myspace
Sabra Johnson myspace
Sara VonGillern myspace *profile is private*
Sara VonGillern fanspace
Shauna Noland myspace
Shauna Noland fanspace
Ricky Palomino myspace

Miscellaneous Links

Ian Benardo's myspace *Mink Boy*, not really sure if this is HIS personal myspace or if someone created it.
sickstep crew's myspace
sickstep Official site
Rickey's site *good info!*
Jamie Greco's myspace ['gender chameleon' who auditioned]
Ricky Palomino Music myspace
movmnt magazine myspace *co-founded by Danny Tidwell*
movmnt magazine website

More later as I get time :)

If you find some links that relate, comment! If any are now defunct, let me know as well. Thanks!
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