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I'm wondering what people think of this article on SYTYCD, contemporary bias, and race. I think it is really interesting. I'm not sure I entirely agree because while I absolutely see a contemporary/jazz/lyrical/and maybe ballet bias, it isn't just street or hip-hop dancers that don't get the same automatic praise, but also ballroom dancer. Ballroom dancers who are amazing in their genre in the audition are also, like street and hip-hop dancers, less likely to be sent straight through to Vegas and more likely to be sent to the choreography round then contemporary/jazz/lyrical dancers whose audition was at the same level of quality. So I'm not sure if race is as much a factor as this author wants to argue. But I also think some of that may be in there.

Obviously, this is different now with the new format to a certain extent (although I still feel like the bias is there and ballroom dancers didn't benefit from the changed format the way street dancers did.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what other people think. Article is here:

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