philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in _sytycd_,

Are there any judging comments or decisions that still make you angry?

I've just started rewatching season 5. I'm still really angry about Mia's comments to Brandon and the elimination of Natalie while Gabby got to dance for her life while being worse.

Also still angry about all the comments to Jessica about not being up to Will's level. Mia's comment that Will looked tired of holding her up pissed me off the most. WTF? And really, I'm pretty sure those comments are at least part of why they were in the bottom so much and why Will left when he did. Will was actually my favorite that season, but Jessica was good and she was holding her own and where were they even getting any of that?

And I'm still angry of the elimination of Iveta over Ryan. I didn't hate Ryan as much as some others do, but oh wow does that decision piss me off.

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