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Which of your favorites didn't make the Top 25?

First off, thanks to pricelessone for creating the polls and posts to create the _sytycd_ Top 25. I love watching old sytycd videos, and it was fun to see where everyone rated some of my favorites. If you're like me, though, some of your favorites didn't make the list. I thought we could share them all here!

Danny and Lacey Viennese Waltz Season 3

The most beautiful waltz on the show, imo. They look like a couple out a fairy tale.

Katee and Joshua Lyrical Season 4

They're my favorite couple ever, and this routine was an amazing one by Wade.

Janette and Brandon Jazz Season 5

I miss Wade and the old stage when I watch this. So good!

In the interest of space, and sharing as many different dances as possible, check the posts above you to make sure no one has already posted yours!
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