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gaby and ...


Style tap
by anthony morigerato
Song more
by bobby darin

doing a clssic tap dance... very classic... hollywood
i tihnk he held his own although i think he was stiffer in his core than her. i do love his glide movements ...

those shared side leaps were cool
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Cyrus and...


[Spoiler 2]Style contemporary
by tessandra chavez
Song crown
by emeli sande

i just love kaley... she's one of my favs i admit it.

great song and i think they did a loavely job...

i think cyrus did a nice job... i think she rocked it...

she reminds me of Pink in how she presents herelf... strong and self aware...
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Jenna and....


Style chacha
by dmitri chaplin
Song theres nothing holding me back
by shawn mendes

per usual jenna is 'sexy'.

i like him as a dancer although i felt he stutterd a a few of the steps on this piece.... all and all nice job.
dr who

Allison ( Audrey ) and...

(I was hopeful for Zachary, but not at all surprised that she selected Logan)

[Allison hurt her shoulders in practice so was subbed]

Style Contemporary
by Tyce Diorio
Song Protocol
by Leon Else

nice 'drag drag drag move across the floor
definitely very stylized and intense

some very interesting moves by tyce in this piece... holding themselves or each other in very unique places
Jess. Perfect

Season 14!

It's back!

And I mean back, as in, of age dancers and Mary Murphy as a judge. Which I hope means more ballroom dancers.

I haven't been this excited to see the show in years.

Also, World of Dance anyone? It's fun spotting familiar faces and getting to see so many different dance style routines.

Having said that, is anyone still watching this community? :D
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(no subject)

I'm wondering what people think of this article on SYTYCD, contemporary bias, and race. I think it is really interesting. I'm not sure I entirely agree because while I absolutely see a contemporary/jazz/lyrical/and maybe ballet bias, it isn't just street or hip-hop dancers that don't get the same automatic praise, but also ballroom dancer. Ballroom dancers who are amazing in their genre in the audition are also, like street and hip-hop dancers, less likely to be sent straight through to Vegas and more likely to be sent to the choreography round then contemporary/jazz/lyrical dancers whose audition was at the same level of quality. So I'm not sure if race is as much a factor as this author wants to argue. But I also think some of that may be in there.

Obviously, this is different now with the new format to a certain extent (although I still feel like the bias is there and ballroom dancers didn't benefit from the changed format the way street dancers did.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what other people think. Article is here: http://blogcritics.org/youre-good-at-what-you-do-backhanded-compliments-and-thinly-veiled-bias-on-so-you-think-you-can-dance/
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(no subject)

Are there any judging comments or decisions that still make you angry?

I've just started rewatching season 5. I'm still really angry about Mia's comments to Brandon and the elimination of Natalie while Gabby got to dance for her life while being worse.

Also still angry about all the comments to Jessica about not being up to Will's level. Mia's comment that Will looked tired of holding her up pissed me off the most. WTF? And really, I'm pretty sure those comments are at least part of why they were in the bottom so much and why Will left when he did. Will was actually my favorite that season, but Jessica was good and she was holding her own and where were they even getting any of that?

And I'm still angry of the elimination of Iveta over Ryan. I didn't hate Ryan as much as some others do, but oh wow does that decision piss me off.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what happened to Wade Robson?

I know why Shane Sparks was not asked back. I know why Mia Michaels has left at various points. And I know that Mary's contract wasn't renewed.

But I can't find anything on Wade. No statements from him about leaving, and not statements about the show not asking him back. He just sort of vanished.

I've been rewatching the show from the beginning, and I really miss his stuff. He was my favorite contemporary/jazz choreographer (Sonja is a close second).

What other choreographers from the early seasons do you miss or not miss? Watching those seasons really made me miss Mary's ballroom choreography. I miss her as a judge too, but the few dances she choreographed were really good.