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NO DELETE! [27 Apr 2012|04:26am]
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[11 May 2009|10:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Im looking for a small synth that I could use as a midi controller, preferably something with a nice arpeggiator and really nice stabs. I make stompy 4/4 on the floor industrial/ebm bullshit.

any help would be much appreciated, bonus points if its under $400

thanks in advance

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question [25 Apr 2009|06:17pm]

I no longer have a hardware sampler, is there any program where i could rip audio off of a DVD?
I have a few movies I want to sample.

thanks in advance
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[27 Oct 2007|11:06pm]

I'm moving so that means...
music gear for sale!

Korg Elecribe SX near mint in box,only used twice.
Alesis Ion with gig bag, stand and manual
Yamaha MG12/4 with condenser mic.
Marshall valvestate 40 v floor amp
B.C. Rich warlock guitar
E-mu xboard25 key midi keyboard.
Yamaha DTXplorer drum kit
Usb to midi cable and software

everything has all the papers and manuals that came with them.

make me an offer

any questions, just comment.
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[12 Sep 2007|10:57am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

oh yes, that's right. 500 bucks.

fuck you, Pro Tools!
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yard sale [07 Aug 2007|06:33pm]

I got a bunch of gear for sale

Vintage QSC 490 mixing console from 1957!!!!
Alesis Ion, I just replaced a few keys comes with gig back, manual, power supply and USB to midi cable.
Korg Elcetribe esx-1 Mint in Box!!!!
Yamaha MG12/4 mixer
Digital Reference Studio Condenser mic DR-cx1 in box.
Yamaha DTXplorer Drum kit.

just Pm me with an offer and I'll get back to you.

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Korg Prophecy [20 Jan 2007|11:09pm]

Has anyone got any cool SYX patterns for the Korg Prophecy?

I have had my Prophecy for 2 years now and heard that there is a SYX program to transfer SYX's, can anyone help me and direct me to a webpage with cool stuff for the Prophecy?

Thank you

Dr Decay
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ring ring ring! [07 Oct 2006|05:58pm]

ive been slowly gathering ideas and making plans for a home made semi-modular synth, and one idea i had was putting multiple ring modulators that i could chaind together. like, the first one would take signal from say the keyboard(a) and then a simple oscillator(b), and its output(c) would go into another one with maybe a copy of it(c) sent to a delay before going into mondulator #2, then possibly even a third one just for fun. anyway, the reason im posting is im wondering if anyone here has ever experemented with multiple ring modulators, or know anything on the subject that could help. i searched online and didnt find much, and im probably just gonna end up trying it and seeing what happens, but i just wanted to put it out there and see what other people have to say. (ive been talking to my friends about this for a few weeks, but none of them are really into synths and such, so there no help.)
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Fender Rhodes on a Juno D [13 Sep 2006|12:23pm]

Can anyone offer suggestions for tweaking a Juno D to produce as close a sound to a Fender Rhodes as possible?
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maybe you can help me [10 Aug 2006|12:58pm]

I'm looking for an affordable (like under 500 used) analog synth to keep an eye out for, which would have no memory and plenty of sliders/knobs and the such. I'm not *COMPLETELY* new to synths (had a nordlead 2, have played with a friend's jupiter 6, tried some softsynth stuff) but come primarily from a piano background. I just don't want any memory on it, is the biggest thing. any suggestions? thanks!
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Novation X-Station [29 Apr 2006|10:10pm]

Hey people.
I'm getting ready to play live, so I'm in a serious need of a good midi controller.
I mainly use ableton live and many VSTs (no hardware synth). I'm thinking about getting a Novation X-Station 49, but I would like to hear your opinion.
Have you ever used one?
How flexible is the assignment of the stuff?
How good is the synth part of it (thats the topic I found the least information on)?


I mainly make darkelectro/aggrotech, heres my myspace page.

Thank you.
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[25 Nov 2005|12:16am]

is anybody here familiar with the Alesis Ion?
does anybody know if theres a way to restore all the default settings to it?
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[10 Sep 2005|01:55pm]

http://rayogar.com/music/artists_childdrinksclouds.htm "
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[06 May 2005|12:58pm]
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
frustrated players revenge :D
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[11 Mar 2005|02:43pm]


i'm the moderator of this community, i made it to help bring together a wide variety of knowledge that could be helpful to someone(including myself). my name is travis, i'm seventeen years old and i've been playing synth for about a year now. my setup includes:

alesis ion
nord lead 2r
midiman oxygen 8
korg electrib esII
various effects
home-made circuit bent instruments
home-made theramin
fender jaguar
dean bass

i'm interested to see what everybody has to say, any questions, updates, news, or general knowledge of anything electronic is welcome.
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