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The Symphony X Community | Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

The Symphony X Community
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This is community is dedicated to anything and everything about one of the greatest progressive rock bands in the world:

  • You spam... you die...

  • No flaming or fighting... you'll shoot your eye out, kid

  • When posting pics, use your best size judgement... put it in LJ-CUT if it needs to be used

This community is owned by: fortimir
Also see our sister community: _dream_theater_
a fool's paradise, a lesson before dying, a winter's dream, absence of light, absinthe and rue, accolade, awakenings, blind guardian, candlelight fantasia, catacly, church of the machine, communion and the oracle, dixie dregs, dream theater, dream theatre, dressed to kill, egypt, evolution, fallen, genesis, gordian knot, in the dragon's den, incantations of the apprentice, inferno, into the dementia, jason rullo, jelly jam, joe satriani, jordan rudess, kansas, king of terrors, lacrymo, lady of the snow, liquid tension experiment, masquerade, metal, michael lepond, michael pinella, michael romeo, mike portnoy, neal morse, nightwish, of sins and shadows, office of strategic influence, orion, osi, out of the ashes, pain of salvation, peter gabriel, porcupine tree, prelude, premonition, progressive metal, progressive rock, queensryche, rapture or pain, rediscovery, rhapsody, rock, rod tyler, rush, russel allen, savage curtain, savatage, sea of lies, secrets, shades of grey, smoke and mirrors, sonata, sonata arctica, steve vai, symphony x, symphonyx, taunting the notorious, the accolade, the bird-serpent war, the damnation game, the dark chapter, the death of balance, the edge of forever, the grand design, the haunting, the hunter, the new mythology suite, the odyssey, the ragin reasons, the relic, the turning, the witching hour, thomas miller, thomas walling, thorns of sorrow, through the looking glass, tobias sammet, trans-siberian orchestra, transcendence, twilight in olympus, unleash the fire, v, whispers, wicked, yes, yngwie malmsteen