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Swish N Flick

Welcome to another year at Hogwarts

Swish and Flick - A Harry Potter RPG
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It is imperative that you read the rules before joining!


1. You MUST contact one of the Moderators before you join and they must ok your character. This also includes contacting the moderators if you’re thinking about creating multiple accounts.
Ways to contact the mods:
• Email
• Instant message them
• Owl them.. jk i dont get long distance

Moderators Contact Info:

AIM: Giant Squid210
E-mail: loopy8807@hotmail.com

Mod Journal ~ mods_almighty

2. Fill out this Application for placement. Nothing too lengthy just need to have a feel for who you and your char are going to be. Please no one under the age of 15, considering these are dark times somethings might not be good for kids to watch.

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your AIM SN:
How long you've been rping:
Describe Character; looks, likes, dislikes etc.:
Quidditch Player?:
If so what Position:
Clubs if any(Charms/Dueling):
Sample Post:

3. Please post in the right forums and join both connecting communities.
Swish N Flick
The Daily Prophet
The OOC Forum

~In character posts and chats should be posted here in the Swish N Flick community.

~OOC posts should be posted in the OOC Forum. This includes going away notices or any concerns you may have and such.

~Daily Prophet - to help pull our plot along and for you to respond to the articles. Do not post to Rita Skeeter she will not reply, i have her on there only as a plot point thats it. (So be sure to join the communities so you know what's going on!) Also, all journal entries should be posted as regular entries on your character’s screen name.

4.You are expected to treat everyone else in the community with respect. Prejudice will not be tolerated. If any mods see this they will give you an official warning. If problems continue to occur with other members you will be asked to leave the community.

5.There will be no God-moding or abuse of anyone’s character. The only way this would be acceptable is if the person themselves gives you permission.

6.Please use livejournal cuts or Lj-cuts for the sake of saving space when posting chats. If you'reconfused on this please see one of the mods they will help ^^

7.You will be removed after a month of inactivity unless notified about an absence. It’s not fair to have an inactive character someone else might want to use.

8.You must add every member in the community.

9.Infos on your character should be descriptive enough that other characters will be able to get a feel for how to interact with you. Things like fave classes and dislikes are acceptable. Class and house rank also very important.

10. Making things private in your Posts that no one should beable to respond too, (Private)blah blah(/private)this is usually for small gaps of info so people can actually see that or use the ever wonderful LJ-Cut and post Private as the title for long private drafts. These are very helpful and leave people not quite as confused.

11. Do not invade other peoples posts with out permission, meaning if there is a rpg going on between two characters do not take it upon yourself to hop into their conversation.

12. Do not have your character read other peoples thoughts, unless your character has the abilities which have to be oked by a mod, you can not see what they say in private.

13. Read Carefully, if they are thoughts or statements, Please Please know the difference. Examples: "words blah words" = something you can see. 'think think think' thoughts not actions not seen or heard, you CANNOT respond to those, also actions dont need to be in *action action* they can be in between "words" and 'thoughts'. Pretty simple right?

14. Stay in character and do not try to change another persons character, its not fair to the other person if you try to force them into anything. Keep respect in mind.

15. Lets keep this as Canon as possible, No Drugs, No self mutilation, No Suicides, Also student teacher relations are to be strictly professional. Flirting is ok and honestly it would suck if we didnt have that but standards people please.

16.Sex a touchy subject in its self, lets try not to make everything your character does involve it...we dont see harry hopping from bed to bed, not everyone wants to read about others doing so. Before i forget if your character is involved in sex or is about to become sexual put up a warning in the subject bar or some kind of a warning. We have some people who dont appreciate reading that stuff. If you dont like reading about it DONT READ IT. Do not complain to the Mods about it, they can not control every aspect of the other characters in the rpg. Talk to that person and voice your concerns.

17. ALSO.... Ive decided to make this a rule because it drives me nutz DONT FRIEND LOCK YOUR JOURNALS... people with multiple chars will not be able to see what you wrote expecially if you havent added them. So if they are locked unlock them please thank you

And before we get into Who is who which is rather important. Lets take a little time out to see the Plot!

Read it Know it Love it, express yourself and your character. Try to follow the plot but do not I repeat do not feel controlled by it, discuss plot ideas with the mods. All ideas are considered. The Plot is adjusted and updated through the Daily Prophet and the Writings of Rita Skeeter Head Writer.

Also a little Side note, We are limiting characters to 4 students and 1 teacher per person just so everyone has a chance to get the char they want ^^. and they dont have to be Canon Characters they can also be original.

The Members


Mod - Moderator

P - Prefect

Q - Quidditch - QS-Seeker, QK-Keeper, QC-Chaser, QB-Beater, *-Captain

C - Charms Club

D - Dueling Club



Harry Potter ~ hjp_boywholived(QS*)

Ginny Weasley ~
Hermione Granger ~
Ron Weasley ~
Parvati Patil ~
Cuedania Breelage ~ cuedania_
Dean Thomas ~



Justin Finch Fletchley ~
Ernie Macmillan ~
Zacharias Smith ~



Cho Chang ~
Michael Corner ~



Draco Malfoy ~_slytherin_king
Pansy Parkinson ~
Millicent Bulstrode ~



~HeadMaster~ Albus Dumbledore ~
Nymphadora Tonks ~Care of Magical Creatures~
Pomona Sprout ~Herbology~
Fred & George Weasley ~Flying~
Severus Snape ~Potions~

Misc Characters and Death Eaters

Misc Characters and Death Eaters

Rita Skeeter ~
Bellatrix Black Lestrange ~
Lord Voldemort ~

~PBs Already in use~

Daniel Radcliffe

Julia stiles

Strictly Affiliated with: