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Sorry Kristen i had to save the space and cut the convo...

This is a convo between Draco and Ginny... Stranger things have happened. HAHA!!

(( MyNameisJonus01 = Ginny Stolen Wings360 = Draco))

MyNameisJonus01: Ginny stopped packing for a moment and watch Draco as he read over a letter of some sort and the Malfoy tradmark pissed face appeared on his face. Against her better judgement, and a small bit of curiousity, she cleared her thought to make her presence known

StoLen WingS360: he looked up pocketing the letter his eyes burning from what could have been against anyones better judgement tears... but definately of anger. He looked at the person and tried to control his now irregular breathing..."what is it weasel?" he said in a hushed tone

MyNameisJonus01: she was kinda shocked to see him so...unraveled and her eyes went wide in shock, "Malfoy, this may come as a shock, but you don't see alright, something that matter?" Her face then returned to normal, "and don't give me some 'it's you' BS because you were off before you even noticed I was here"

StoLen WingS360: She had him there, what the hell was he to tell her... why the hell should she even care "its nothing... just.. stuff" he said why the hell was he being even remotely kind to her

MyNameisJonus01: she was silent for a moment, not being able to stand the fact that neither were throwing insults at each other. she looked at her hands and thought of something to say, "must be something serious." she scratches her head, "I mean since you aren't slinging insults at me."

StoLen WingS360: he looked up at her "well, u usually start those" he said because the past 4 encounters she started shit with him "i just dont give a shit about anything right now i need to think"

MyNameisJonus01: she kinda laughed to herself "true, I do. But I've seen the way you piss off my bro and his friends and it pissed me off." SHe turned her back to him, "But I'm not gonna say anymore and start something here." She played with ehr hands again, "umm...did you need anything, or do yah just want me to go?" she had no idea why she was asking him this

StoLen WingS360: Malfoy looked at her questioningly what the hell should he say 'get the hell out of here weasel prat' or 'i dont need your pity go rain it on the celebrity'...... but instead he said "i dont know what the hell i want, i dont know why ur asking me what i want no one else does" meaning the letter which was now in his pocket

MyNameisJonus01: she covered her mouth tryinf her best to hold in her laughter, she had no freakin' clue why is was asking him either, and the whole situation seemed humorous in a way to her. She then looked at him and started laughing, "I'm sorry...hahaha...it's jsut that...haha....this is...such a...haha...weird situation...haha...it makes me laugh..." she covered her mouth trying to stop, inbetween laughs she says, "I"m sorry, I know you're all serious right now." SHe then walked away back to her books trying to calm herself abit.

StoLen WingS360: he shook his head she wouldnt understand she would have a normal life, he grabbed his own hands in anger he hated this place so much he stormed off towards the castle again, "shell never laugh at me again" he mumbled angrilly

MyNameisJonus01: she heard him mummble to himself and ran after him to catch up, "Malfoy hold up!" She caught up and stopped him, "I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing at the situation. I mean come on, that was what? A good few minutes of semi-civil conversation and not a blow was given. Please tell me you find some humor in the oddity of that?"

MyNameisJonus01: she looked at him giving him the 'you have to see the humor in this' look

MyNameisJonus01: "if I wanted to laugh at you, I wouldn't have asked you what was wrong, I would have jsut said somethng nasty and entertained myself."

StoLen WingS360: he shook his head "you wouldnt be laughing if your every move was under a microscope and planned for you... your not a science project" he said simply, hurt apparent in his voice he continued to walk, he didnt need this right now he just wanted to get on his broom and disappear

MyNameisJonus01: she then smiled sort of to herself, "you any good with a bludger malfoy?"

StoLen WingS360: "im a seeker, i dont fiddle with clubs" he continued to walking hoping to end this conversation and not be mocked in her head anymore

((At this point stevie went to sleep and the rest will be done via LJ post.))

"well I find it reliving to hit the bludger around when I'm feeling pissed off. It the one thing you can hit and not get a detention for." She smiled at her own small joke, "but that just might be for me." She then looked back over to her pile of books she left behind, "I better get packing." She pouted and sighed, "So many books." She then walked back over to the pile and started packing them up, getting ready to go in.
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