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((Care of magical Creatures..... which i believe is a double course with huffles))

Terry was outside near a post listening to one of his favorite new teachers as she explained the properties of a Demiguise
The Demiguise is a peaceful, herbivorous creature that can make itself invisible. It resembles an ape with large, black eyes and long, silky hair. This hair can be woven into Invisibility Cloaks. The Demiguise is native to the Far East (taken from lexicon).

These were the creatures they would all be studying this summer. Professor Tonks found these animals to be extremely interesting and had every intention on sparking the interests of her students.

Listening a little here and there Terry watched as the monkey like thing began to waddle around the pen annoyed. Tonks gave it some food an it calmed down considerably. Though it wasnt very attractive it was so tiny because it was a baby so all the girls wanted to pet it.

Terrys thoughts were else where, on quidditch, the war, the rumors.... everything but his studies
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