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((Open to anyone))

Practicing Quidditch is one thing, but doing it while a dementor lurks by is a whole other ball game. Terry shot the bludger towards his buddy Seamus who was helping him practice as a pay back for helping him with the mice in the gryffindor girls dormitories. They smacked the Bludger back and forth angrilly trying to keep it in play. The bludger zoomed through the air like a bat out of hell. "Oi Seamus how hard did you hit that one?" Terry asked as it came shooting back towards him. Barrel Rolling he keeps his balance. "Hey!!!!! you almost hit me seriously" Seamus deadpanned "i didnt hit it that hard i think something is controlling it." THe two boys took off towards the castle, the bludger coming faster and faster at their heels.

Terry got there first opened the castle doors seamus flew in with his broom Terry darted in and closed the door. The bludger smacked it the door only seconds later leaving a large indent on the other side. Seamus ran off to tell a professor and Terry stood there waiting for him to come back. Professor Dumbledore came over opened the door, did a charm and the bludger fell to the ground, wisking it back to its trunk he smiled at the boys. "Lets be more careful next time, dont want to lose such important students" and with that he went back to what he was doing. Seamus looked at Terry "i better get going..." he darted up to the common room and Terry headed towards his own common room, only to stop because he heard footsteps behind him...
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