Seamus Finnigan (irishgentseamus) wrote in _swish_n_flick,
Seamus Finnigan

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((library time))

Sitting in the windowsill of the library Seamus looked out watching the kids playing in the dark, he knew they would get caught. Malfoy was on rounds and was bitter about it. Shaking his head he sighed "nothing makes sense anymore" maybe he was looking in the wrong house for love. Parvati liked him a lot he knew that but he couldnt see himself with her in the long run, Lavender seemed to be very confused on how she felt. This made his stomach twist and turn as if he was going to explode. The whole castle seemed to be in a fit of maddness. "just wish it would all stop".

Soon enough the first years would be arriving and the castle will become more crowded then before. Seamus was lost in thought when the door creaked open to the empty library...
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