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((The Prank, open to anyone.))

Grinning from ear to ear, Seamus walks out of the common room, hearing the screams of girls complaining of mice running around. This had been a prank Seamus had planned with Terry from Ravenclaw. Terry transfigured a buncha paper mice for Seamus not asking any questions cause he was sure he really didnt want to know.

Seamus took the transfigured mice to the girls side and let them go up the stairs because boys couldnt make it up that side, the girls stairs would turn into a slide when a guy tried to climb them. The mice made their way into every room and as the girls discovered them they came bolting out angry and scared. Terry had made them with a timer of about 5 minutes so after each one was done doing its tormenting it turned back into paper which with a charm Seamus dug out of the library meant it would disolve once it was done with its damage. So the girls had no proof of what it was and who did it.

Trying not to grin Seamus made his way towards the great hall with his hands in his pockets.......
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