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((Double Potions open to Gyrffs and Slys))

Sitting in his chair near the back of the Dungeons, Draco decides to pay more attention to the lousy failing grade his no good cousin Tonks gave him. Bloody mixed blood relative made nothing less then a mockery of his family and she wondered why he didnt like her. 'Twit, useless and brainless' he thought to himself going over the paper she graded. Cramming the paper back into his robes pocket he listened as Professor Snape revealed their latest potions assignment. Everyone began as usual crushing the ingredients and slowly dicing the others. THere was quiet chatter on the Gryffindor side and Normal chit chat on the Slytherin end of the room. They need not fear the wrath of Snape like those with the Red and Gold emblem on their robes.

Everything was going as usual, Draco kept his head down while smashing the ingredients thinking to himself about how he wished they were Tonks or perhaps Potter. When an icy hand came down on his shoulder. Draco turned to see...........
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