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((Open to anyone))

Sitting in her office, Tonks find herself going over quick quizzes she gave her students. "oh dear" some of her students havent been paying attention, but it wasnt the end of the world..... until she came to a paper by one Draco Malfoy. "Little prat cant even treat his cousin with respect" she wrote that he failed his quiz and needed to see her after class.

Name: Draco Malfoy
Creature: Professor Tonks
Qualities: Freak HalfBlood nuisance and family black sheep.
Description: Overly Cheerful and obsessed with colors.
Uses: Making the family ashamed.

Tossing the page aside she mumbled something about Draco being a 'Pureblood Elitist'. Trying to get the annoying twinge of saddness out of her head she thought about the other night in Hogsmeade and how much fun she had. Then she remembered she had to put up signs about Her helping bring the students to Hogsmeade on the 24th for costume shopping.

She whipped some signs up quickly and entered the silent and empty hallway. 'Agh its creepy sometimes' she muttered seeing Filch glare at her through the darkness of the hallway. "I can be out here now Argus" she said as she bounced down the hall trying not to let the darkness get to her. Then she heard a smash and headed over to where the sound came from only to find........
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