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Agh Paint! she said in her head looking at her multicolored hands. Wandering from room to room for a bathroom. Coming back from art she didnt realize she had knocked over reappearo paint, 'what once was missing now appears' she sighed looking at the colors she must have spilled everywhere.

Mora made her way to the only bathroom she could find, and from deep inside the corner she heard wailing. "Oh Merlin... of all the bathrooms..." her voice quietly trailed off as Moaning Myrtle came out to taunt her for not visiting before and for not noticing the closed off sign like everyone else does. When Mora tried to protest Myrtle took it as an offense and started shrilling some more.

Grabbing her things, she excused herself and rushed out the door her hands finally clean. Finally making good distance from the room, she looked back to be sure Myrtle hadn't followed her. Seeing that she hadn't she quickly turned but it was too late.... she smacked into someone spilling her books every which way. "Bloody hell" she sighed heavilly.

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