Cuedania Breelage (cuedania_) wrote in _swish_n_flick,
Cuedania Breelage

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Open ((Seeing as I have been very inactive with her lately, so sorry))

Dana sighed walking down the stairs torwards the dungeon hallways. She didn't know why, but that's just where her feet were taking her. She kind of felt like the whole thing wasn't going to work out, so she didn't bother telling him anything even though she might regret it later on. She felt rather alone, other than a few new friends she's made and she hasn't seen them much either. It didn't bother her too terribly much. She's been keeping herself busy, though it would be nice to find someone that cares for you, but maybe she likes being alone. The dungeons were one of the least likely places she'd find that person and she knew it.
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