Tsuki Ariyoshi (tsukiariyoshi) wrote in _swish_n_flick,
Tsuki Ariyoshi

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If there was one thing Tsuki liked doing as entertainment, it was window dangling. He had found an empty classroom, and taking the opportunity, he had quickly stripped down to his jeans and sweater, sat on the sill, and let the rest of his body from knee up drop over the window. His knees, which were hooked on the window to keep him from falling, slipped a little, but he ignored it.

"Better," he mumbled. Ever since Professor Snape had forbidden him from sleeping in the commonroom, Tsuki had felt sick. Lack of sleep did that to a person. Window dangling was a fun way to get his blood active again.

Despite his best efforts, his knees slipped further when the telltale click of the door signalled that someone had entered. "Oh shit!"
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