September 10th, 2004

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Open, alone, bored...WOOT*

Bored out of his mind, Blaise walked around the forth floor looking at all the portraits. His eyes traveled across singing toads, unicorns running around hills, and a flying houses. Finally one picture caught his eye down at the end of the corridor. Walking up to it he saw three men chasing three women. He looked down to the corner of the painting where a girl was sitting down crying all alone. "Don't cry make one of the girls turn into a lesbian, in-fact turn all the girls into lesbians leave the asshole males." Fucking males.
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Gryffie Friends ^^

Harry walked into the Gryffindor Common Room hoping to see some of his friends. He has felt so different since Mora came back. He smiled a lot more and thought about her a lot. He looked around wondering where all his friends are. He hadn't seen Ron or Hermione in a long time. He stopped by the hospital wing earlier, but apparently Ron was released, either that or he just left, which kind of sounds like something he would do.
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Defense Against the Dark Arts - OPEN

Defense Against the Dark Arts had just started and the room was completely still waiting for Professor Lupin to begin his lesson. Each student had their own agenda and reason for listening carefully to the words coming from his lips. Quietly Benjiro etched down what the Professor said his mind paying particular attention to the reversals on curses and hexes.

Half way through the class the door opened and someone walked in taking the only open seat next to Ben. He hadn't noticed who it was till he noticed them staring at him. His dark colored eyes turned up to gaze at the individual.
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Open! (Who wants to help him out?)

Dereck was going back to the Hufflepuff commonroom, when suddenly he had no clue where he was. Well this is great. He didn't see anyone around so he decided to wonder around some more. He found himself in a dark hallway, that seemed a bit cooler than the rest of the castle. Weird. Little did he know he in Slytherin territory, he'd been warned of them, but had no clue how to tell them apart from the rest of the student body. Suddenly he heard someone behind him....
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Amiya yawned, walking up the winding staircase of the tower. It was late, and if she was caught out at this hour, she'd be in more than trouble. She pushed the door open and walked to the window, tilting her head and watching the sky with her big brown eyes. Don't be so horny, Amiya. Geez.


Glorie was walking around Hogwarts looking for something to do. Maybe I could find...someone to hang out with. Couldn't do that with Lisa, cause well, she doesn't want to be my friend anymore. There's always Kevin, nah he doesn't want to talk to me, I only upset him. Blaise? That's a definant possiblity. Her green eyes searched the halls for a familiar face, but failed. She roamed into a seemingly empty hallway, and found that someone was behind her, she turned around to see.....
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Your point is?

Open.... Kiley needs some fun

Dancing around in a room to the music on the wizard wireless, she grooved to the music she liked the most. This was the music they played in the clubs in france which she was able to visit whenever she was home. As innocent as she seemed Kiley had a tendancy to be Hott on the dance floor. Wearing a black skirt and yellow tanktop she danced around to the blasting music until the song ended. Turning to leave she noticed someone in the door way watching her.
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Poppy finally let her free, it had been several days since she had seen Jack and one day since Lalo. She started to wonder if Jack knew she was even missing. Walking down the halls her hands shoved in her pockets she headed for the common room. Maybe someone she knew or at least talked to would be there.
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Mora Only

Glorie had heard that Mora was back and went in search of her. She tried the lake and the Great Hall, of course the one place she didn't check was around the Ravenclaw commonroom. Where is she? I wonder... She got to the entrance and said the password, once she stepped inside she spotted her sitting on the couch and smiled, "Hey, Mora, how are you?"
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