September 9th, 2004

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And Blaise is single once again

Up in one of the towers, Blaise was lying on the ground doing sit ups. Only wearing a pair of shorts. A slow breeze blew in from the windows cooling his sweat coved body off. He had lost count of how many he had been doing a long time ago, his mind flew from one thought to the next. Breathing heaver as the pain grew.

Open ((Seeing as I have been very inactive with her lately, so sorry))

Dana sighed walking down the stairs torwards the dungeon hallways. She didn't know why, but that's just where her feet were taking her. She kind of felt like the whole thing wasn't going to work out, so she didn't bother telling him anything even though she might regret it later on. She felt rather alone, other than a few new friends she's made and she hasn't seen them much either. It didn't bother her too terribly much. She's been keeping herself busy, though it would be nice to find someone that cares for you, but maybe she likes being alone. The dungeons were one of the least likely places she'd find that person and she knew it.
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open to any girls

Ryan sat back against a tree, reading a letter.Since Glorie had broken up with him, he found out about the cheating.He was hurt, but couldnt blame her.When his mum became sick, he payed all attention to her. Now he could look for someone else.He wanted a girl from another house this time.

Open (Anyone feel sorry for her?)

Dana lay in a hopital wing bed. She didn't even know how she got there that it frightened her when she opened her eyes and looked around. Everything was fuzzy. She blinked a few times and the room came into focus. Then she remembered the incident with that one Slytherin. She stared up at the ceiling wondering if anyone even knew she was gone. She used her hand to rub her throbbing head, and when she did, noticed there was a gauze type thing on the back of her head where she hit it. She thought she was fine so she started to get up but almost as soon as she did that layed back down again. The world seemed to spin if she stood up. Maybe she could just stay for a little while longer.
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Glorie was leaning against a tree near the lake, thinking about the past two days. I thought he didn't like me...but he kissed me. Well it was only on the cheek, he probably regrets it. She threw a rock into the lake, attempting to skip it, but failing miserably. Giving up on skipping them she just tossed the rest in. Suddenly she heard someone next to her...
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Open to all! In the library like a good ravenclaw :) lol

Lisa sat in the back of the library reading a book on charms and twirling her hair. She had gone back into her catatonic state and had been avoiding people. She threw herself into studying and had become quite a pro at avoiding meals in the Great Hall and opted to get meals from the elves in the kitchens. Lisa was completely oblivious to everything around her when a loud BANG got her attention. She looked up to see............

OPEN.... pretty Theo

Sitting on a bench, Theo grinned as some girls in short skirts and open robes walked by. Fidgeting with his lip ring, his forest green eyes darted around for more entertainment. Not finding any he laid back on the bend and stared up at the sky.

Not even fifteen minutes into lying like that, he found himself looking into the eyes of someone staring down at him... "Um... can I help you?"
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Your point is?


Humming softly to herself she sat in the courtyard on a blanket reading and sketching different flowers in her notebook. Herbology had been taking up most of her time as of late so she decided to spend the afternoon outside to study. So she can enjoy the beautiful day....
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Kevin sat in his swim trunks, half in and half out of the water. Just watching the surface. His thoughts were drifting in and out he had no idea what he was feeling. Wrapping his arms around his stomach he leaned over and looked into the water. Seeing a figure in the reflection behind him he turned to reveal..............
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(Open to the darling Laura)

Dima had just recieved an owl from his mum...he knew she was pregnant from her last letter, but she just found out that it was twins. His new step-father was an insurance agent or something of that sort, but Dima was never the one to grow fond of his mother's husbands. He went down to the lake with his guitar and began to play the song he had written for Laura...
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