September 8th, 2004

So this is my life?


Mentally beating himself up for the thousandth time, Neville found himself hiding in a empty room. His mind was racing, his eyes were watery he wasn't ready for this. He wasnt prepared to like someone, he didn't want this... or did he?

Apparently his sniffles and rants had caught the attention of someone, Neville was finally drug out of hiding by someone.
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Glorie was going out of the castle to find a place where no one could find her. She walked out past the lake until she was pretty far away. She looked back and couldn't see the lake. "Now to read." She said to herself, sitting down and opening a book. Why did you have to let him know? He asked how it happened...that's a good question how did this happen. I guess it's because he's different. God. She suddenly heard a branch break and looked in that direction seeing...
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The blond was in the hospital wing. For probably the first time in two years, he finally ended up there. Blearily looking up at the ceiling, he cursed his luck. A few hours before, he had been sitting by the lake. The next thing he knew, he had slipped in, and was drowning.

"Oh, for shame." Most of the people in the room were victims of Dementors. And he... he was there because he drowned. Vaguely, he wondered who the kind soul who saved him was. "Atleast show up so I can say thanks," he muttered.
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Sitting up in a tree, holding a book kevin tried to concentrate on the words but failed. What was he supposed to do now? How was he supposed to react to Glories statements of liking him? He thought they were friends and that was all. Was he so wrong to assume that?

He sighed and leaned his head back on the tree he was in.
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Glorie was walking around aimlessly thinking about ealier. He had no right to say I'm boring, maybe I just wasn't prepared to see him. She was a bit angry, but really didn't want to make him mad. And now Kevin wants to go back on vacation and it's my fault, this is great. He doesn't like me, I knew it couldn't be possible. Maybe I just need to...I don't know do something. She bumped into someone, blinking, "I'm sorry." She said to see..
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with aiden

~ farewell to alysia as well! ~ [seeing as she now serves no purpose!]

After she'd recieved word on Aiden's status, she'd owled her parents immediately. Recieving word that she could leave and go to St. Mungos, she was more than happy to take her schooling somewhere else. After everything she and Aiden had been through, she was not about to give it up. Her blonde hair in her eyes, trunk handle gripped firmly with her hand, she walked out of the castle.

Finally making it to the train station, she found a vacant corridor, pulling out her journal for the year so far, smiling contently. She blinked and shut it, putting it away again as the train left the station. Leaving meant it was time for a new journal.


Theo loved the looks on the faces of his old friends, and teachers. They all seemed to go pale when he returned. A feeling of power, it was exciting the feeling of fear rushing in. They knew where he had been, they knew why he left... they knew.. and so did he.

Walking out towards the courtyard holding his wand in one hand and a quill and parchment in the other. He walked to a bench which cleared as he neared it. "Thats right prats... keep walking"
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Hermione sighed, having been feeling a sort of separation from Harry and Ron, and even Ginny lately. She had made her way to the common room couch. She ruffled her hand through her hair and shut her eyes for what only seemed like five minutes, and she mumbled as she found herself being shaken awake by...

Time for Aiden to go bye bye

Aiden was sitting outside when he felt everything get cold and he felt like he was never going to be happy again. He shivered, not knowing a dementor was hovering behind him. He started revliving his worst memories and suddenly blacked out....

(no subject)

Elijah yawned, walking down the halls with his tie on loose, sleeves rolled up and hair slightly messy. He blinked his dark eyes, looking around for a farmiliar face. He hadn't seen any of his friends and he felt a bit frustrated. He was looking a different direction when he felt his body hit someone else, "I'm sorry!" He said quickly, looking to see...


The healthy girl decided to go for a swim in the lake.It was a little chilly out, but that didnt stop her.She liked the cold.She undid her robe and slipped into the lake in her black snakeskin bikini. ''BRRR..''

Huffs only

Laying down on a couch in the common room, the darkness cooled the air. Hannah had been spending most of her time getting school work for Ernie and Zack now she was laying in the common room after being kicked out of the H-wing. Apparently Poppy thought she spent far too much time in there. So taking that as her cue she decided to go to sleep in there and worry about the boys later....
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Mora Smart


Books in hand, and a check list in her head Mora tried to remember everything she needed for Charms. Book, yea, Wand, yea, club info, yea, Harry.............. a smile spread over her lips. The other day had her so excited to go to class maybe just get a glimpse of him. It was funny seeing her as flustered and excited as she was. Mora was floating on cloud nine.

It wasn't till she walked past the charms classroom that she realized she was daydreaming again. Turning back around she bumped smack into someone spilling her things everywhich way.. "Bloody hell" she murmered quickly trying to gather her things again.
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EYe am watching

Can she get some student interaction? Like... Honestly

Dementor Attacks she held her daily prophet in one hand and a cup of pumpkin juice in another. This was insanity, and that Rita Skeeter always spinned it to make things look like the Ministry wasn't trying. Made her more bitter then she anticipated. There was a Knock at her door and she walked over leaving her things on her messy clutter of a desk, opening the door she revealed...............
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TO HARRY....since they never interact...ever

Draco had recieved a guilt trip for the night he and Pansy kissed. The fact that she regretted it because now that retard Blaise didn't want her wasn't his bloody fault. He was sick of always being the fall guy for girls relationships and he decided what was better then finding his old arch rival Harry and picking on him. It could lighten his mood or at least interest him some what.
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  • _amiya_

[[ the new girl open! ]]

Amiya clicked her tongue on the roof of her mouth and ran her fingers through her choppy hair. Being new was never fun, but she had a feeling she'd be able to cause some trouble and that's all she wanted. She had no idea where she was going, but some guy by the name of 'Filch' had given her directions towards the Slytherin common room. She'd remembered the password and muttered it in a boredlike tone and walked in, completely ignoring the person sitting there and dragging her trunk in.
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After looking around in the dormitories, common room, library, great hall, and out on the grounds Memphis almost gave up. With a sigh he started to look threw the hallways whispering to himself. "I'm sorry...uh so sorry. Where are you Neville?"
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Canon Name.... Slytherin House.... ADD HIM

Walking in from the quidditch field holding his firebolt, Benjiro or Ben as he prefers to be called walked towards the common room. Unlike most Slytherins Ben was usually quiet up until this year. He was sick of getting pushed around by the others and so now he was going to stand up for who he was.

Clutching his broom and club tightly in his hand he walked into the common room and sat on the couch.
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