September 7th, 2004

Sadd Eyes

Library time- - open

Cleaning up her station in the greenhouse, Kiley looked around for the Professor so she could get the work missed earlier this term. Finally recieving all of her materials she headed out of the classroom and down the stairs towards the library to study. Her mind drifted off as she walked content to hear the sounds of her footsteps rather then the chatter of the 2nd and 3rd years around her.

Kiley made her way to an open table, placing down her books she walked to a stack of over used, dusty books on herbology. Grabbing the one sprout suggested she smiled to herself as she sat in her chair. She really did enjoy herbology so this assignment was going to be a piece of cake.

She started to make a dent in her work when someone whistled to get her attention.......
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Put up or shut up

Dementor ATTACk....

Outside at the animal pen, Junko fed a few of the smaller animals from her palm. Everything seemed right as rain, until she got to the larger pen with the larger animals. A chill raced through her body, spinning around she saw a shadow like figure and she felt herself grow weaker as if her joy was being sucked out of her. She didn't want to but she closed her eyes and fell foward.....
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the newbie puff guy, he's canon sort

Elijah, finally back from Italy, stood in his dorm, playing with his tie. He finally gave up on getting it perfect, and let it hang slightly loose around his neck. He ruffled his hand through his dark hair and blinked his dark eyes, staring at his reflection in the mirror displayed on the wall. He licked his bottom lip and smirked, shutting the door behind him. He wasn't very tall compared to other boys his age, but he'd gotten used to it. He rubbed his hands together walking down the stairs to the common room, sitting down in a chair lazily and letting out a long, exaggerated sigh.
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OPEN I just got in!

He sat in the great hall, focusing on a picture he was sketching. He lifted his other hand up from the paper and felt around the table for an apple. Not really looking where he put his hand he knocked over some juice. "Dammit."
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After hearing the news that Theo was back, Blaise rushed down to the Slythering common room. There's no fucking way. He breathlessly said the password and walked in. "Holy shit..." He smiled.

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Mike was sitting against a tree , he hadn't seen Judd in a while it made him a bit melancholic like he was before he had met the boy . He sighed when he looked up at the sun shining through the leaves of the tree.


Glorie walked through the seemingly deserted hallways of Hogwarts. I said it finally, now maybe I'll get a response from him. He won't like me, but at least it's out of the way. She stopped in a hallway close to the dungeons leaning against the wall. "What have I done?" She said not knowing someone was behind her.
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Memphis sat alone in an empty hallway. He wasn't really sure where he was but didn't exactly care at the moment. He ran his hand across the cold ground. Feeling incredibly lonely. Why did you fuck this up?

Guess whos back? Back again.... THeos back..... Youve been warned

Dropping his bags, his trunk on the ground. The train pulled away from the station. A dark smile crossed his lips, they let him back. His families pull was able to get him back in for the term so now, here he was. Back at Hogwarts. Yuki his boa followed him up the stairs... "Welcome home" he grinned evilly to himself, time to find some trouble...
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Waking up in the hospital wing, everything was fuzzy. Looking around she found herself in a bed wrapped in white sheets but still wearing her clothes. The room was filled with people who were sick from various viruses and illnesses. She just couldn't figure why she was there, and why she had a splitting headache. To her right was chocolate and she munched on it because there was a note saying she had to. Blinking she saw a figure before her.
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