September 6th, 2004


Anthony stood at a table in the library, focusing on three books at once. He kept switching which one he was reading, stopping every now and then to scribble numbers onto a sheet of parchment. His eye's bighted as he put down the pencil. Wooo hooo and the problem is solved, yeah! Looking around him, he found for the first time no one was there to enjoy the moment with him. Feeling incredibly lonely, he closed his books.
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swish ^^


Causing more trouble then she was stopping lately, made it obvious to Junko it was time to spend more time outside and try to get some fresh air. She still wasn't sure where this relationship with Jack was going to go. If they had a relationship at all, but she liked the thoughts of it. She had almost completely pushed the dementor attack on Zack out of her mind....
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Mora Sassy

Open - because i know ROXY comes back today

Charms was done for the day, and she was busying herself with reading in the courtyard. This time it was the book of poems that Anthony had given her shortly after the dance. She smiled as the brisk fall/summer air blew over her cheeks making them turn pink. It was windy and wonderful she loved reading during this time of the year.

Leaning up against a tree, Mora hummed to herself flicking through the pages as a shadow came over her and the book.
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Sideway glance

OPEN - around the lake

Kiley walked alone outside, it was midday and class was over early for her. Seems Professor Flitwick wasn't feeling so well so they had a brief class. Which of course was fine by her.

Wearing a black skirt with yellow accent flowers, black mary janes, yellow shirt and black cardigan. Kiley walked around the castle and headed for the lake. Her hair was pulled back in braided pigtails that fell to the middle of her back. With each gentle breeze a wisp of her hair would float with it, flying with the air currents.

She watched her feet rather then where she was going and she smacked right into someone.
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Laying on the ground outside, far away from the groups of kids surrounding the lake. A book of poetry was in front of his face. Somehow every word seemed like it was talking about himself.

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND FACULTY -- You can Duel if you want to

There will be a dueling contest this winter and to end it the winner of the dueling contest in both the boys and girls divisions with be the Prince and Princess of the Yule Ball.

Thats right we are holding the Yule Ball once more this year, on the 12th of December. The top contenders will be in the Yule court.

All people interested in participating in the dueling tournament, please see me for sign ups.

~Professor Nymphadora Tonks
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~ For DAPHNE Only [and BLAISE for later purposes]~

Chloe's boots clunked on the floor in the Slytherin common room as she paced back and forth. Her shirt was untucked and her tie hung loose on her neck, and the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows. Her hair hung down her back slightly messy, and her eyes were lined thick with the same black makeup she usually had. She was sure Daphne was taller than her, but Chloe was good at verbal abuse. She smirked at the satisfaction she'd get at telling Daphne to back off of Blaise. She grinned as Daphne entered the room, "Well, well. Look who it is." She crossed her arms over her stomach, raising an eyebrow.
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