September 5th, 2004

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Running outside, she found the cool autumn air to be rather refreshing on her skin. It was not long after she thought that, that it began to rain. She bolted towards the door.......
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Sideway glance


Sitting in the common room with her Knitting, she hummed to herself. The room felt warm and home like, she looked around and every once and a while someone walked in. She began to knit again until she felt someones eyes on her, she turned and faced them.
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HE'S ALIVE hehe, open to Puffs

School had started and Gavin was bored out of his freakin' mind. He had finished some of his homework and now his head hurt so he took a break and headed towards the common room. Once there he sat on a couch and proceeded to bounce a ball off the wall and catch it repeatedly. He threw the ball at the wall a little to hard the last time and it went pasted him. He winced slightly when he heard it connect with someone and a loud 'ouch' was heard, he then slowly turned around to see...
Sideway glance

Help a lost girl ........ OPEN

So going this way... leads me to..... another dead end she grumbled to herself as she noticed the wall once more. "Where in the name of Merlin am I now?" she asked quietly to herself looking for someone....anyone who could get her out of the mess she got herself into. The entire castle was some odd jigsaw and she wasn't enjoying this not one bit.
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So this is my life?

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Potions.... potions.... potions..

The sound made him think of a slow and agonizing death. Yes he was heading over to a class he despised. Luckily enough there was a free hour before he had transfiguration so he could recoop after potions.

Walking into the dank dark room he slid into the only open seat left, thats right Neville was also late. So he looked over to his right to see who he was next to.....
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Pretty Jubi - Dont mess with a punk girl

Gryffs only

It had been a busy weekend, and she finally had some down time. Junko sat in the common room with her Transfiguration book and began to practice some spells on her rat Renee, turning her into a tea-cup and then into a saucer. The rat once returned to normal didn't look to be too thrilled with her owner and bolted to the girls dormitory, "Oh Renee you spoil sport" she laughed putting her wand back into her pocket she switched to her charms book and began to read into that.
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Courtyard -- Open

Having spent the last few days with Glorie, has had him finally worn out. That girl just keeps appearing where ever I am he laughed to himself as he walked into the courtyard. Finding a nice shade tree he walked over and laid down in the soft grass. Although it was cooler then it was earlier that month it was still a nice day for a nap and a beautiful place to sit.

So closing his eyes, Kevin began to drift off, thinking about Soccer, his summer in france, and quidditch.....
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'It's such a nice day,' Tracey thought to herself as she carried her blanket out to sit by the lake. It was so nice she just couldn't resist. She sat down with her book in a green T-shirt and cutoffs. Getting comfortable, she found herself obsorb in the book she was readin. Not even oticing any of the other students strolling by. 'Hmm...wouldn't it be nice if everyday was like this.' She layed her head down on her hands, closing her eyes she looked back at the other night when she had been with Blaise...'
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Memory fades away

This is how we send Zack into plot mode......WELCOME TO THE HOSPITAL WING

Walking around outside, Zack was still a mess of emotions. Unsure of where to go and who to turn to, he saw a bit of black out of the corner of his eye. Then he felt all of the happiness begin to drain from him, like he would never smile again. Not two steps later he went blank.... and toppled down the hill.

Professor Tonks found the limp body shortly after and brought him to the hospital wing immediately, unsure of what caused this and why he was barely breathing.....
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:::withoutatrace::  Me sad


He zipped around the field on his broom, caching every ball that was thrown at him. That wasn't saying much though since the only person he could get to practice with him was Crabbe and he wasn't that good. Diving down to the ground he got off his broom and said goodbye to Crabbe. Walking over to the lake he stood in front of it looking off into the distance.


Glorie sat by the lake, leaned up against a tree. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. She'd just gotten an owl from one of her cousins saying her Uncle was sent into war. God not only am I alone, but my family is starting to even be effected by this war. She remembered back to when her father explained his war experience. He told her he lived, because a close friend of his died. That even though he was a Gryffindor, he wasn't brave enough to face a large group of death eaters. She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice someone come up next to her...
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it's me!


Parvati headed toward the Quidditch pitch with her sisters broom in hand. She scanned the sky and sadly saw no one was there. She had been hoping to find Seamus out there. She felt like he was avoiding her, they hadn't seen each other since they went flying. 'He hates me' she thought angrily as she kicked off 'You are a fool to think otherwise.' After flying around for a while she came down and only then noticed someone in the stands, she covered her eyes to try and recognize the face.......
kissy face [????]

Open to Dima only

Laura sat in the common room working on an essay for Potions. She groaned when she realized she had about 3 inches left. She quickly scribbled down as much as she could remember then sat back and closed her eyes and thought of Dima. She smiled and began to drift off to sleep............
blinding light

Kiley only its on stevie... its on!

Seamus was walking around the halls and eventually made his way outside. Kicking stones and mumbling to himself he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings. "Stupid, girl, Stupid neville. stupid people stupid school...." he trailed off when he nearly bumped into someone. Seeing it was Kiley he glared at her. "Oh... you"
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