September 3rd, 2004


Padma was holding her Charms book absentmindedly. She was staring at the page but her eyes weren't skimming for the answer, oddly enough they were transfixed on one spot and out of focus. Suddenly the crunching of leaves from behind her grabbed her attention and she quickly wiped away the glistening drop clinging to her eyelashes.

(Laura only)

Dima had finished his homework, without anything else to do, he walked around for a bit. Humming his song for Laura, his mind drifted to thoughts of her. Soon enough, he was at the lake looking for her.
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Sitting in the common room, Draco etched out plans for the next quidditch match. The room was cool and dark and he was writing by fire light. It wasn't till he felt the hand on his neck that he whirled around....
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Hunter stood outside by the lake, his hands in his pockets. He was staring up at the stars, just staring. He wandered back and forth on the edge, thinking. Thinking about the situation...thinking about cho...She confused him so much. She wouldn't give up on him no matter how hard he tried to prove her wrong about him...could, for the first time in his life, could Hunter have actually found someone to be with?

Hunter was so lost in thought that he didn't here someone approach untill he almost turned right into them ."Oh hey..."


FAILING HERBOLOGY he grumbled to himself, "how the hell do you fail HERBOLOGY" he shouted down the empty hallway. The entire hall shook with his angry voice. A first year bolted down the hall and ran, "stupid kid" he hissed low and dark. He moved over to a wall and leaned against it.

His Grandfather was going to be furious................
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Hiddne ~ l51hawk


Waking up beside Ernie in the hospital wing. Hannah walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair. Freshing up a bit she walked back towards his bed, he looked so fragile. She curled back up to him and put her arm around his stomach holding him near. Hannah closed her eyes.... "I love you" she said softly.
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