September 1st, 2004

Mora Sassy


Stepping off the platform of the train, Mora looked around. Her hair was her natural dark brown, she had lost weight since her stay at Mungos.

Her hazel eyes scanned the school grounds for anyone who might remember her. Carrying her books and other items she started off for the entrance of the school.

"Guess whos back" she whispered to herself....
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(no subject)

Aiden was walking around looking for social interaction. I wonder where Alysia is, probably just busy studying. He blinked and leaned against the wall a sudden stab of pain had went through his stomach. He groaned, I ate something not an hour ago, I shouldn't be hungry. Suddenly he saw someone beside him..
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Sitting in the library, far past closing time Tracy read on in her book
about The 4th Goblin War. She started to doze off again but snapped her
head back up as she heard a squeak in the corner. She ignored it as
a  mouse and thought I probab;y look like a bloody mess. She reached for her wand and charmed up a mirror. When she lifted her eyes she was staring directly into the eyes of...

NEW CHAR....hopefully interesting char.... **Kevin is a HPM canon... he is the same year**

Walking into the school after a year of Abroad tutoring Kevin smiled to see the school hasn't really changed that much at all. Making his way through the main doors, his book bag covered in band patches, pins and the like clanged nicely as he walked up the stairs. His faux hawked hair bounced a bit as he turned the corner not really paying much attention to anything at all he walked into someone. Looking up in embarrassment he sighed "Sorry"........
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(no subject)

Daphne sat in the library thinking about everything that was going on in her life. She was very lonley and desperatly wanted someone to love. She looked around the room at someone, they looked back and said....
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(Glorie only)

The sky had been threatening rain all day, then finally around dinner time, he heard thunder crash, so Lalo ran down to the dinner hall in search of Glorie, it was supposed to rain lightly, the perfect night for a walk in the rain.
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ashlee // scarf

Open to Ravenclaw's only! Please! I'm so bored!

Lisa sat in her favorite armchair in the common room reading a Muggle romance novel. She sighed and thought about her life lately. It had been so horrible, Glorie was never around- she always seemed to be off with one boy or another- not like she blamed her. Lisa sighed "I just feel so lonely" she whispered aloud, she snapped around to hear.........

OPEN - Courtyard

Sitting in the courtyard with his guitar, Kevin began to tune the instrument till it sounded right. "Wicked" he said strumming a bit and tapping his foot on the bench he was on. Running his fingers over the strings he smiled with satisfaction. He began to sing a song softly while the breeze kicked up some fallen leaves around him.

The song 'ColorBlind' Counting Crows.. Love this songCollapse )

There was a crunch of leaves behind him, and he whirled his head around to see who it was.....
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swish ^^


The other day with Jack had her heart soaring. It was the first time in a long time she was able to be herself and love it. In these times of war there were rare times she could feel like herself anymore.

Making her way towards the common room she hummed softly to herself and a smile was placed gently on her lips....
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